Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's talk spirals.

What is the Norway spiral? I saw the initial news of it, but so far there's been not much boo about it down here. Have the Aussies figured - C'mon it's obviously a fucking light shown up on a cloud. Do you think we're stupid??

Well Aussie Atheist has strapped on his sparkle tiara to have a chat with someone who thinks they know exactly what the spiral was. It was a sign from God.

There are people like that out there (Not meaning the weird Aussie with a tiara on his head) who look at these kinds of phenomena and clap gleefully that it must be sign everyone's gonna die! Yippee!!

But sadly, he's not alone. There are lots of people whose first thought is something nonsense. Just google "Norway spiral lights" to see the examples of foolishness rattling about the electronic ether: (Fuck, how do I take a google screen grab??) I'll save you the hassle: It's Aliens!!! Aliens wanted to give the Norwegians a light show. NO they wanted to show support for Obama! NO, They wanted to show Obama he was bad. Has anyone checked Nostradamus's predictions?? One headline read "Norway's Wormhole is First Encounter!" Give me a break.

Turns out, the spiral was a failed Russian missile test. Sneaky bastards! Although they had told Norway they were going to test a missile and had a window of opportunity in which to do so, they kept quiet until Thursday night before confessing the fubar.

Sorry weird man, your rapture will still have to wait.

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jomamma said...

When it first hit the news Hubby blew it off and said "it's gas... just a big ole fart."

Growing up, we lived relative close to the White Sands missile testing range. Close enough to see weird cloud formations. So when they brought the chance of a missile into the picture, it made sense.