Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Back in 15 min.

I should put this sign on my face. People shouldn't talk to me just now and expect there to be any measure of attention leveled towards them. My brain is in LaLaLand. Not because I'm particularly busy, run off my feet or even slightly stressed. I'm languid. I'm remarkably laid back. I'm not expecting this to be anything more than a day the kids open new presents and run away to play with new toys, and maybe later if the weather is nice, we'll drive down to the beach and let our feet get wet in the surf.

I woke up this morning with two strange things going on in my head; the first was the last word from a dream I don't remember: Sheetcake. I have no idea why sheetcake was such an important word that it was shouted and woke me then left me confused as the dream dispersed into nothingness. Second was the song Tom Sawyer by Rush. Now that is stuck in my head. It didn't disappear. For now it's ok, but later it may grate on me.

I have no need to Rush a sheet cake.

Coffee and a cookie for breakfast. Diet must begin ASAP. Sugar will have to be excluded from my life for ever and ever. I'll try the reprogramming of my mind to associate sweet things with sewers or something.

My hair is a nightmare right now. It's at that in-between stage of growing out. I'm starting to talk myself out of growing it out, because it looks so crap all the time. Shorter is easier to handle. No combs, no clips, no nothing. Scrunch in some product and go. But I still have the love for a long ponytail. Doesn't a ponytail say young? Doesn't ponytail = youth? Fact is I don't know that I have the right face shape for long hair. No one ever compliments me for my long hair. I think I'm just holding on to some old romantic ideal of beauty. What suits me is short and curly. What to do, what to do?

I feel slightly inadequate as compared to others who are so busy at this time of year. The manic baking, the decorating (I have the tree and that's it. Nothing else. Not even a wreath or some garland on the fence) the guests. It's just the four of us this year. Feels strange.

I need to go out and buy some drink. Wine and beer. Gin would be nice too. Maybe just spending the next few days slightly buzzed...nah. Doesn't work for me. I'd just fall asleep.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Holidays!


Ok, what do you think....

Long hair

May 09 long hair

Short hair

July 09 short hair

For your amusement. Merry X-mas.

Sept. 09 Silly


Anonymous said...

My hair is in the same godawful stage! Chop it or cover it.

I have had bizarre dreams too this week. One in particular involved by BIL in yellow underwear. Yeah.

I'm having a Bailey's and coffee. Buzzed? Not yet, but I hope to be soon!

Happy holidays Lyvvie! I love you!

jomamma said...

We're all stressed right now, shopping or not. I'm exhausted all the time, so I don't dream.

I like your hair short, but the long looks very sexy on you.

Brook said...

Merry Christmas! I think the long hair is very sexy and does suit your face very well. I really do like the funky donkey face but it's just not very sexy.

SafeTinspector said...

I swear that last shot was photoshopped.....

Cake, but I prefer mincemeat pie.

Lyvvie said...

Not photoshopped. It's a family trait from my Mother's side.

Maja said...

Keep growing it. You go through stages with your hair, sometimes it sucks and then it grows out a little bit and feels way better. You'll get there! You look lovely with long hair.