Thursday, November 05, 2009


Just sharing...

Cicada nymph shell. It was about 2inches/5.8cm long and I thought at first glance it was a big hermit crab. Found this morning while walking to school. i'm now looking forward to hearing the cicada song! We have no cicada is Scotland so it's been 14 years since I've heard them. I used to love hearing them as a kid.

Cicada Nymph shell
Cicada Nymph shell

And I shared this one on Facebook but seem to have left my blogging friends out on the delights that is Spider eating Spider!

Young White Tailed Spider (with dinner)

I saw these two late one night and what I saw was a huge black spider eating a bee, but as it was late I left them to it. In the morning, they hadn't moved, but I had things to do and didn't get back until the afternoon when I noticed they were still there and yet it was a very different scene. The black spider was...smaller. The bee was more visible. Then I realised it wasn't a bee. It was in fact a white tailed spider - nasty wee beastie that does eat other spiders but has a nasty bite of its own that may lead to skin ulcers. So once I figured out what I was dealing with I took pictures, google searched, realised the White Tail is actually a juvenile, then I squished it. The black spider is a timid and harmless black house spider but they are big and scary looking.

Have a nice weekend! (Is your skin crawling? Mine is.)


jomamma said...

Our Cicadas are big like that here in Texas. Sometimes they can be deafening. I remember that sound being one of the signs that summer was just around the corner.

I feel much better that you squished the skin ulcer causing spider.

Rox said...

This is why I live in Canada, we have bugs but they all die in the winter. I have shivers looking at these! I'm glad you squished too!

trinity67 said...

~ hurl ~

I think spiders are super-cool but I'd prefere if their super-coolness would stay the eff away from me.

tornwordo said...

Crawling madly, my skin.

Dingo said...

I loved collecting cicada shells as a kid. We used to leave them all over the house for my mom to find.
The spiders? Ew.

The Girl said...

I don't think I will ever visit Austraila... soo many HUGE bugs. My skin is crawling now, thanks lady!

Jill :)

Nej said...