Monday, October 19, 2009

Unkindest Cut

There is a limit to the defense of "My religion says so!" and that limit includes DIY circumcisions in your kitchen on your four year old son. And the outrageous conciet of the lawyer who says "...he would try to have the case tossed out on constitutional grounds, saying his client’s religious motive negated any criminal intent."

You'd think he'd have figured out he wasn't a dapper hand at this when he'd already botched his own circumcision! What a complete shithead.

Article is here


Fuff said...

F8cker! I hope they lock him up.

jomamma said...

O M G! They should tattoo his forehead with something like "I'm a complete moron" or "common sense has been bred out of my people."

Rox said...

I fully expected this article to be from some far off land, but no, it's right next door.

As far as I know, in Canada, if you want a circumcision done, you just have to pay a fee because they consider it an elective surgery. Dude should have sought out another doctor. (A psyche specialist, obvs!)

Victoria said...

omg horrifying..