Monday, October 26, 2009

Shame about The View

While living in the UK I couldn't get the View, but here in OZ I can. I also get very up to date Ellen. After watching a few days of them I decided it just wasn't my thing. Ellen is ok, but the constant ad breaks are annoying and I don't feel like she ever gets enough time to dig into a topic. The View is all about digging into topics - but the two Righty/Fundies drive me batshit crazy. I am glad they're sandwiched in between two more sensible types but really - when you have show where one of the panel isn't even sure the Earth is round or have problems. I've bitched about the stupid that is Sherri before and won't carry on today but damn she is dumb. I just choose not to subject my sensibilities and blood pressure to her and Elizabeth's raving ignorance. YET...

Recently on the View they had a psychic, Laurie Levin on to promote her new book and Barbara interrupted the flow of the interview to ask a very pointed question. Watch the video and tell me if your BS detector doesn't go batshit crazy: Watch it here, then come back, because the fuckers don't let me embed outside the US.

Did you hear it? The alarms going off? Can you imagine?!! Who gives the first sign of "Oh really? Sherri! "And he got married to you?". Having this woman come up to you and tell you the brutal murder of your son was his chosen way of passing in order to open up your heart to care, to then tell him his dead son feels pain at his bad marriage and then...the psychic marries him instead?! That's one hell of a good scam (Or one hell of a dumb guy, but then he was grieving and these types do like to prey upon the grieving.)

I watched that bit and my skin crawled. How utterly vile. Where she says she did research on Levin before their initial interview and no one thinks that would perhaps, maybe, slant her objectivity in a reading??



jomamma said...

First off, I can't stand Elizabeth, she's annoying bitch, just as annoying as Barbara. Sherri is a ditz and must be getting paid for being stupid.

As for the interview, that seemed uncomfortable for the guy. I wonder how things are going for them now that that's all out in the open?

trinity67 said...

Holy freaking Hannah!

Victoria said...

I can't deal with the way they yell all over each other.

This applies to McLaughlin Group, as well. I guess it shouldn't be surprising. But they're exactly like The View, just with better educations and credentials.

Seriously, I can't deal with anything that is manufactured soley to spin people up. There's zero resolution/understanding -especially when people haven't the restraint or decency (intelect, open mindedness) to ever *listen* to the other party..

jomamma said...

I agree with Victoria, anytime people on a talk show start talking on top of each other I turn it off. I think the only talk show I can tolerate may be Oprah, sometimes.

Rox said...

Do you get the Bonny Hunt show there? Because if you do, you should totally watch her, she's down to earth and just gets nice interviews. She's funny and sweet and when she has her mom on webcam, well, it's piss your pants funny.

Ellen dances too much, it drives me nuts.

The View drives me nuts, too. And yeah, this psychic chic just happens to hook up with someone who used to run Time/Warner and now she has her own "Institute" does seem really suspicious.

jomamma said...

LOVE Bonnie Hunt! The hubby will even watch her. Did you see it the time she pretended to be riding a skate board?

Dingo said...

Just reading the words "The View" had me foaming at the mouth. Can't stand it! Like the others, the constant yelling just puts me off. I'm all for a good debate but those women usually start yelling when they have nothing to back up their claims but want to hide it behind volume and hysterics.

On the other hand, I love Ellen. I don't watch her but I'll sometimes catch a film clip of her on youtube. I'd love to have a beer with her.

tornwordo said...

The fuckers don't let you embed? Well the fuckers won't let me even watch it! I'm sure my BS detector would have gone off though.