Thursday, October 22, 2009

I knew it was gonna happen...

Remember the post I did a wee while back about how Husband and I had a bit of a disagreement over the religion class the kids are taught in Australia? How I wanted to exempt Sassy from taking it, but Husband thought learning about bible stores was important so I enrolled her in the class, even though I think it's stupid? Just to be sure about what the classes were all about I even went to talk to the vice principal to find about the curriculum and he said "It's just bible stories. A bit of fun really. Nothing heavy." Well this morning Sassy says to me "We had our religion class yesterday and the teacher said that when God created the heavens and the stars and everything that that was the Big Bang."

Just bible stories huh? I don't remember Big Bang being in Genesis, do you?

It's back to the VP I go with a letter of complaint. If this class is going to meld cosmology and religion then the school should offer the kids a decent science class that is 100% religion free. As O'reilly says "Just present it!"

You know how OReilly goes on about the peace on earth and Jesus was a "love your brother" kind of guy? But he's wrong because Matthew 10 line 34 quotes Jesus clearly as saying: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." Then he goes on to say how families will be cleaved and blah blah blah.

So, I'm going to complain. What else can I do? Pull her out again? Not going to. I prefer to make her smarter by giving her the counter argument on these topics. Want to know why? Because in the end she'll have a lot more respect me if I do rather than letting her carry on in fairy tales and half truths. So let her learn the twisted information coming from her religion class - let her come home with a mountain of questions. Let her be able to grow up thinking rationally, sceptically and not be afraid to challenge what she's told. Let her know she can come to her family and get answers. then she will be free to make her own choices based on all the facts.

To help her understand, I'm going to let her watch the 1957 Disney movie Our Friend The Atom. I just watched all fives parts on youtube and it's fantastic! Here - watch!!

Then I hope she'll understand the Big Bang stuff a bit easier as it wasn't rocks and galaxies bursting forth fully formed. Granted, part 5 with the radioactive cows and corn i'll have to explain that's not gonna happen because it's way too dangerous.


jomamma said...

good on ya girl... She needs to learn both sides so she'll know what she's talking about when she stands up for her rights. That one sided thinking is what they do at those Jesus Camps. And the VP may have the opinion that it's "nothing heavy" but that may not be how the teacher is teaching the class. He may want to observe teacher in action, she could be A Thumper, as the hubby calls them. You should have the right to observe the class, hard part may be keeping your mouth shut in order to gain info to take back to the VP, administration or school board. This is why we have the separation of the two in the states.

Brook said...

Good choice! We are actually regretting our decision to keep our oldest out of religious activities simply because now she is spouting our opinion and beliefs without really having any idea or experience with which to make her own informed decisions. Fair and balanced presentation would be ideal all the way around.

Rox said...

When we had our daughters, we chose not to baptise them into the Catholic Faith because we wanted them to be able to make that choice. So, we sent them to a Catholic school to receive as much knowledge about it as they could. (We come from a long line of Catholics, both the hubby and I.) Both of them have come to feel that religion is ridiculous and they came to that through logic and reason gained from not having blind faith hammered into their heads.

So, in conclusion, HIGH FIVE!

Overboard said...

You're just the Best Mum in the Universe, even though you let your kid's school get away with dorky green uniforms.