Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Newness of New

I'm going to attend my first lecture in...a long time shall we say. I'm looking forward to meeting new people. Like-minded people. I hope they are like minded anyway. This is a meeting with the Melbourne Atheists(MA) and the topic tonight is; Christianity's Redefining God and Jesus: A Secular Response. The meeting is at an Unitarian Church (Oh, one moment to ponder the correct usage on an with Unitarian because it's a bit painful on the ear, isn't it?) after a bunch of the members get together for a meal at a local Chinese restaurant. Sounds fun! So, we'll see.

There has been a bit of discord in the home this weekend. I attended a small meeting with some of the MA folks who are trying to put together a podcast to discuss local issues. They've had a late night radio show, but that's currently under some rescheduling issues and it's looking for a new station to host. So I went along to be a part of the podcast. Sadly, some of the folks didn't show so there ended up not being any round-table discussions, which I'd been hoping for, but instead became an opportunity to gather sound bites that can be edited into the podcast at the radio station. At least I got to meet some of the group and it's likely my voice will be heard on some of the podcast, seeing as I was happy to read some content. Hopfully the next time they get together there will be more folks involved and it can be a bit more lively. Also it was learned that when working with recording devices, Melba toast and raw carrots should not be included on the snack list.

The discord comes from Husband, who's getting concerned that my being an outed atheist could bring trouble to our home and family. He worries about violence being used to silence me, or punish me, or our children, for my involvements. I certainly don't want to belittle his fears and the only way to calm them is to go to some of these meeting and see what happens. I've not found any articles referencing violence towards any gatherings of atheists in the Melbourne area, or any of Australia, but then I only did a few searches. As a man who grew up hearing about sectarian violence, I can understand where his fears are coming from. Although I was disappointed that I was led to believe I had his full support until the day I was to meet with other members, I appreciate his want to have me slow down and observe. Often, I'm a jump in feet first, entanglement finder kind of person. The only thing can bring back harmony is to go through with it and see how it turns out. Besides, you never know, I may not like it.

I'm also gathering all the info for the radio broadcasting course I'm going to take. It starts later this month and runs for 10 weeks. I'm really looking forward to this too and will share more info as the days get closer. The end of the course includes a week working in one of the school's affiliated radio stations.

The ship has arrived this weekend, which is a nervous but exciting venture because although I'm very happy with the open sparseness of our home just now, I just don't have space enough for 32 boxes of stuff...do I? Right now it doesn't look like it, but I'm sure over the next few weeks, I'll have my hands filled with unpacking and rediscovering the joys of my stuff. Also, I'm sure a bunch of it will find its way to the tip because as hard as I tried to be cold about not bringing anything but our deepest loved things, I know some "Aw fuck it, just pack it anyway!" went on too. We shall see.

I'm getting a new camera soon and I can't wait to play with it. Once the Panasonic DMC-FZ35/38 is out here, I'm getting it. Woohoo! Was really wishing I'd had my camera with us on Sunday as the fgirls and i were walking back home after a short walk in the park and visit to the play ground, we heard this very loud noise above in the trees that had Shorty asking "Mummy! Is that a monkey?" Well, of course it wasn't a monkey, and it was very eerie as it reminded me of those scary swamp noises I heard as a kid watching Scooby-Doo; a kind of low growl followed by a loud Ah Ah Ah Ah, but in stereo as there were two of them making the noise. We stopped, went quiet and listened because the source of the noise was directly above us, but we couldn't see it. Then in typical five year old fashion, Shorty started running and shouting and spooked two Laughing Kookaburras out of the tree. Our first Kookaburras! And they sound like monkey swamp beasts on Scooby-Doo!


Rox said...

Was the Kookaburra sitting in an old gum tree? GREAT! Now I'll have that in my head all day!

I can't believe you've lived this long without your stuff! Of course, then I think to myself "WOW Rox, you must really be connected to your own stuff!"

Have you always been an Atheist or is this something that has recently manifested? Ahh, to each their own, I say.

victoria said...

Best to you on the unpacking of your stuff. After a long enough period of time - these things are like presents (kind of)!

I hope you have nothing to worry about (re: Atheism). I can't imagine how it's a problem.

Chick said...

Good for you for getting involved (& being brave).

Dingo said...

It is funny reading that an atheist group is meeting in a church. I, too, don't want to belittle your husband's concerns but you also want to demonstrate to your girls about standing up for your beliefs (or non-belief as the case may be). I don't know what the religious climate is like there and so I can't wrap my head around people resorting to violence. Name-calling, shunning, and asshattery, yes, but violence? Really? (begin sarcasm) From those good Christian people? (end sarcasm)

Maja said...

I don't think you'll find any violence being used against you for being an atheist in Australia. I've never heard about anything like that. I wouldn't worry.