Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Very Tired.

The shipping company arrived early yesterday morning (no really, like 7:30 am!) to deliver the last of our things from Scotland. That makes us officially, fully emigrated members of Australian society. Go us!

Husband requested the unpacking service, however we still haven't gotten that second bookcase or the sideboard we'd planned in order to house our junk and have sleek, tidy lines everywhere. So unpacking meant movers unpacking the box contents onto our floor. It was mayhem - stuff everywhere. Kids hyper beyond measure about having their beloved toys back and playing with everything - at once. I couldn't walk in a straight line all day or I'd have broken something, most likely my foot. The mover was a chatty, friendly young man who asked me one of my favourite questions "What's with Canadians and America?" and I knew exactly what he was referring to. Most Canadians will get prickly and rude if you ask them "What part of America are you from?" and I make this assumption on the behaviour of Canadians from the bewildered Ex-pats who've fallen foul of the insult and ask me "Why, Lyv? Why?". I always say, I don't quite know myself, since the accents are so similar, I think - and correct me if I'm wrong, my Canadian Friends, they find it rude to assume they are American just by hearing their voice, as if Canada was invisible. My advice is always to ask what part of Canada they are from first - Americans very rarely (and I mean almost never as I've never heard of anyone being angrily corrected on the reverse.) get bothered about being mistaken for Canadian because it makes sense for there to be Canadians in ex-pat countries because they have special working visas. So just changing the question will avoid a big awkward moment. If by chance you do come across an American who takes umbridge, you can defend yourself by saying Canadians are more prevelent for the reasons listed above and they both have the Queen on thier currency.

So I've been sorting, lifting, moving from-to-room, shouting at kids to tidy up only to have them ignore me completely because they must see every toy on display to convince themselves they are really there. Today I reorganized the kitchen cupboards to take the volume of kitchen stuff I got today. Why did I have four whisks?? Two I can understand, but four? I don't even make meringue that often. All the clothes that were sent have the smell of the old house, and it smells foreign now. We don't smell like that anymore. It's not a bad smell (Ok a wee bit of musty closet on some of the things) it's just not our new Australian smell. It was weird. I knew it was ours and yet it seemed wrong. Husband is almost as joyous as the kids when he saw his CD collection and after dinner (which was fish and chips because I was not about to cook) he went into his office/music room and played The Pixies and other assorted things and it was nice to know he was happy.

Me? I was happy to have a comfy chair in the bedroom now where I can curl up and read my book without fear of falling asleep, because that's what happens when I read in bed. Comfy chair, good book and my mom's quilt on my lap because it's still a bit cold at night.

Why have I not updated much about Aussie life? Because it's been so easy. It's been so very simple to blend into life here. The kids are happy, everything is nice.

The meeting last week at the Atheist group was all right. I met a few nice people, but the talk was ok, and the Q&A after was dull, with a few know-it-all types asking questions and making mini speeches that showed their talent for debate where there was no need for debate. We were then subjected to own side blowhards which is not the purpose, in my opinion, of the meeting. You want to hear yourself talk, get a podcast or go on YouTube. There were even a few Christians there, but one in particular was rude and would sigh, scoff and call other questioners idiots if they said anything about there being no god. I left early, and one man said "God be with you." as I walked past him. Do I go to your church and say gods art created by man, go home and have barbcues, be happy with your loved ones and stop being miserable, controlling doomsdayers? Of course not. It wouldn't be tolerated. Yet, these people were, and of the whole group, the religious ones were the most tense, aggressive and negative. Really blew me away.

I'm not sure if I'll attend regularly, but if a good topic is up for conversation, then definitely. I'm going to look into meeting the Skeptic Society as well, I think they may be more kind of folk. We shall see.

I think I've avoided the clear up enough for now. I'm going our for dinner with Marg and her friends as she's leaving her job and moving on to pastures new. I get to have drinks and a meal where I don't have to worry if the kids drop anything and have a laugh with some grown-ups for a change.

Happy Friday folks. Wish me luck and sanity as the kids embark on a two week vacation from school. We'll do some more touristy things over the next couple weeks.


Dingo said...

I'm so glad things are going well. I hate packing but I love unpacking after a move and making my new home mine. How are the girls doing in school?

jomamma said...

Have fun Lyv, glad your stuff got there in good shape.

Hey Dingo we could work well together I like packing but hate unpacking. I used to work for a Moving Company... packing.

Rox said...

I can't speak for all Canadians, but I think the reason we might get choked about being mistaken as American would be for a couple of reasons. One, it's like constantly being called by your older sibling's name in school. You just want someone to be able to differentiate! And two, Canada is a pretty unique place and for all of us who live here, it seems obvious what the differences are. The health care, the gun laws, the general politeness. Canadians typically have a reputation as peacekeepers, so it kind of surprises me that there are some out there who are getting defensive about being mistaken for American. But I guess Americans aren't the only ones who are patriotic and loyal to their country =)

I know what you mean about different house smells. I've never liked the smell of this house. Never. Changed all the carpets and to me? I can still smell it. Which makes me think it's not the house, it's us. Ugh.

Nej said...

Unpacking is a point. I always laugh when we unpack a box, and find something we'd forgotten we still had. It makes me laugh, because we'd just packed it not that long ago, but I don't remember doing it. I swear gnomes packed some of our boxes while we were sleeping. :-)