Monday, August 17, 2009

Too much so let's Bullet:

I've been busy getting things going here and it's none of the exciting fun stuff that comes with emigration. This stuff has been the boring bureaucratic malarkey that is necessary but tedious. Apologies. I'll just bullet point a few things:

1.) I'm currently horrified by this recent news report of an Australian quadriplegic who has won the right to end his life by refusing to take food and water until he expires. The short BBC article says:

A court in Australia has ruled that a quadriplegic man who wants to die can tell his carers to stop feeding him.

The judge in the western city of Perth said the nursing home would not be held criminally responsible.

In a statement, Christian Rossiter said he could not perform any basic human functions and wanted to die.

The ruling sets a legal precedent in Australia, where assisting someone to take their own life can be punishable by life in prison.

Western Australia's highest judge, Wayne Martin, said the Brightwater Care Group would not be criminally responsible if it stopped feeding and hydrating Mr Rossiter.

Judge Martin said Mr Rossiter was not terminally ill or dying and was capable of making an informed decision about his treatment.

'Living hell'

"I am unable to blow my nose," Mr Rossiter said.

"I am unable to wipe the tears from my eyes," said the former stockbroker and outdoor adventurer.

He made a public plea last week to be allowed to end his life which he described as a "living hell".

"I have no fear of death - just pain. I only fear pain," he said.

Mr Rossiter is severely paralysed after separate accidents in which he fell from a building and was hit by a car while riding his bicycle.

All of that is fair enough. The guy wants to end his life, I'm not bothered by that. His life, his choice and he has support from his loved ones. What I am horrified by is that in order to end his life, he must endure the very painful and distressing passing of self starvation and dehydration and that is where I think the cruelty lies. If he's been granted the right to end his life, why not just give him a lethal injection of morphine and let him die peacefully? The psychological war he's going to endure as his body cries out in thirst will be torture. I feel deeply sorry for this man and what he's about to put himself through just to end his pain.

2.) We've bought a new car, we pick it up later this week. It's not a real new car, it's a used car, but it's a wee cracker. It's a Mazda 6 MPS. (I don't remember what year, but it's the last model they made) I'll get pictures of it when it's here. It's as good as new, low miles and is the same colour as the beloved and much missed Alfa Romeo. Husband is very excited. Best part? We were able to buy it outright. We've treated our nest egg as a bank and have "loaned" ourselves the money for it, and will make regular payments back to replenish it. It's a strange feeling, kind of scary and fully liberating, this being debt free stuff.

3.) I have a bread machine! I love the bread machine. I have made many loaves of savoury and sweet varieties and it's a big hit. Stunning, wonderful and loved. A fascinating kitchen gadget. Everyone is pleased. I wish I had more friends I could gift bread to, then again, it may be a nice way to meet the neighbors; *knock knock* Hello? Here I'm new in the neighborhood, nice to meet you - have some bread. Thank you, you wonderful kind American lady.

It could happen like that.

4.)Last week's school assembly, Sassy was given an award for doing so well at settling in to her school, but she froze and refused to go up in front of everyone to accept the award. A few months ago she was in front of classmates, teachers and parents reading Scottish poems and being so proud of herself, and now we seem to have fallen back to square one. *sigh* Tomorrow she's supposed to be on a trip to have a sports day, but I know she'll panioc and be miserable and refuse to participate. she'll dread the whole thing. I'll bet money she starts telling me she doesn't fell well tonight - Bet You! I'm rather temopted to just let her stay home and skip this sports day. She already had one at her old school a couple months ago, but then I hate to set a precedent of letting her slack off things she find scary and intimidating. Conundrum!!

5.) We took a drive (In a rental) up into the Dandenongs last weekend. Dandenong Ranges are mountainous cold rain forest regions. I've never seen such huge trees and never knew eucalyptus could get so high. It was a stunning sight. Eucalypts are interesting trees because they shed their bark in long papery straps which hang from lower branches and litter everywhere. "On warm days vapourised Eucalyptus oil rises above the bush to create the characteristic distant blue haze of the Australian landscape. Eucalyptus oil is highly flammable (trees have been known to explode[6][9]) and bush fires can travel easily through the oil-rich air of the tree crowns. The dead bark and fallen branches are also flammable. Eucalypts are well adapted for periodic fires via lignotubers and epicormic buds under the bark."* . We came across a cafe that was full of parrots that were tame enough to be hand fed and we spent a good while there, buying bags of seed and tempting them to fly on us. No one was pooped on which made it even better. You can see pictures here and Husband's ones here.

6.) I mentioned that a TV commercial was being filmed on our street a couple weeks ago in the driveway of a rental house five houses over (which I may consider taking the lease on once this lease is up because it looks nicer than this one). Well the commercial aired this weekend. I can't find the ad online just yet, but if you're curious, it's the one for the Ford Territory where the kid drawn pictures and sticks them all over the family car so it looks like a Territory. Speaking of commercials, Husband's favourite lately has been the one where he heard "Be sure to keep your pits warm this winter with our selection of bedding." The company was selling pet supplies, asking us to keep our pets warm. The Aussies may think it's only the Kiwis who slip into swapping all vowels for an "i" but they do it too.

7.) Had a haircut and colour at a nice salon in the shopping district. It was a higher end salon than I'm used to (having curly hair has it's benefits that no one notices a cheap cut) where you have three different people finish your look; one for colour, one for cut and another who washes and gives the lovely scalp massage (I get dreamy tingles down my neck thinking of the scalp massage) tons of compliments and buttering/sucking up and then you get a huge bill at the end. Well as much as I loved the three people who took care of my hair; Lauren the beautiful charming girl who did my colour, Darren the too thin Londoner who inspired me to be more ProGay active (He was lovely, just a sweetheart) and the very chatty girl who washed and *tingle* massaged my head.

All of this pampering was ruined by the injection of hard sell on hair products. I was told by Lauren that to keep my reds I really should have the red tint shampoo and conditioner, Darren tried to push the styling gel for my curl retention and the shampooer and another random stylist would wander over occasionally and ask "So how are we getting on here?" and the current head attendant would update them and point out the product which prompted had other person to say how, yes it was a great product, essential. Sadly, they weren't very good actors and it all came across so fake and forced and wondering where the teleprompter was that I was biting my lip through it all. So confident are they in their hard sell that when I was totaled up at the end they overcharged me by $50 and then had to readjust by removing the products.

Shame really as I love the results I got - nice cut, great colour, but don't know if I could endure the bad acting and hard sell again. I go for a relax and a gussying up, not product parades. I also felt guilty not tipping but I've been told sternly from a few sources that Aussies don't tip. It's not a tipping culture. Now the UK is a lesser tipping culture than the USA where tipping is actually paying part of your server's wages and is essential. Vital! The UK has minimum wage laws protecting waitstaff where businesses can't offer half wages, so tips are a genuine thank-you for great service. In Australia, I've been lead to believe that tipping is just not necessary, although I don't know the ins-and-outs of how staff are paid. Either way, I feel guilty and stingy and mean for not leaving a tip and wonder if I should bake them some sweetbuns and give them a tenner anyways, after the fact, as an apology. I won't buy the products though. Sticking to my guns on that.

Been a while now writing this and I need a coffee and a wee and I'm tired and taking a break. I'm sure I'll remember a ton more to talk about. Everything's going well, ticking along. Sorry I've been negligent. Xoxo



Brook said...

Things seem to be trucking along there rather well-the no tipping would be hard for me too, though with the hard sell stuff I'd have been tempted to complain to the shop manager-I hate that crap. Keep having fun and oh yes, please do keep your "pits" warm(I find that hilarious in the extreme)!

northern musings said...

Tipin restaurants but no where else - especially not in overpriced hair salons!!!!!!

trinity67 said...

Lovely to hear about how things are going for you and for your family - you're such a treat to read!

jomamma said...

Great pics. The longer you stay debt free the better it feels and the easier it gets. I hope you love your Mazda as much as I love mine. I need a new one, but don't want to have any payments.

Nej said...

1) What an agonizing way to go!! I agree...if he can starve himself, why can't he just have it done the peaceful way? Are they afraid more people will do it, if it's pain free?

2) Being your own bank is the way to go, I'm jealous! We're working out way there though! :-)

3) Mot has been baking bread almost daily....but we've give the bread machine away. Just not getting the texture he wanted. Plus, I think he really enjoys the process too much to let a machine do it for him. It's cute!

4) I'd be willing to let her call in ill as well. As bad as it may seen, I'd have a hard time with making her do something she hates so desperately. Although, I was that same little girl, I did the things I wished I didn't have to, and think I'm actually happy I had to. You know?

5) Those pics are great! Can I come visit? We have to go there if I do though. (hehe)

6) I doubt we'll see the commercial here, but maybe I can find it on youtube eventually?

7) I HATE the hard sell. After much searching, I finally found a great salon, higher end, wonderful stylist. They only tell me what they are using if I ask...and quite often, they will point me in the direction of something I can get at the local drug store instead. I love it!!

I wonder if they'd ever stop being fake to you, if you kept going in...and they knew you weren't going to buy all the extras?

tornwordo said...

God I hate the hardsell. Happened to me at my last (and only) facial. She offered to make me a little basket of the products she recommended and leave it at the reception desk. When I inquired as to how much the 4 or 5 little jars were, I was told with a totally straight face : $235.

Rox said...

It's sad when we can euthanize our pets to end their suffering but we can't do the same for our humans.

I could think of a few I'd like to put out of their misery...