Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Stuff Stuff Stuff!

So I think my days of having my ear glued to the phone waiting in endless call center queues has, finally ended. Last call was made today....ok wait I have one more tomorrow but then that will be my absolute last. In fact, I wonder if I can cram it in a day early? Would feel properly clean to have them all shed these direct debits, regular payments and mysterious payment I don't have any clue about. Phantom paypal payment as a direct debit? I think not! You are canceled and can just sing for it.

....just made one more phone call. Removals people for the stuff we're not taking. They'll sell what they can in auction and give the proceeds to charity. Who says Atheists aren't generous?! In fact the guy was a bit "Are you sure?" and I'm like "Yup." because normal people just do that kind of thing. But I can't afford regular charitable contributions and I never have change anymore, in fact I rarely carry cash at all and live by the card so folks with their coin boxes are shit out of luck and I'm guilt ridden because I'd love to chuck a quid or two to a decent charity.

Frigging credit card company are becoming a rash across my ass, calling me daily to ask for Husband - call him for fuck's sake and leave me alone! They can't tell me anything about his card, but they don't think to call him no matter how many times I tell them he's available on his number right now - call him NOW and then they don't. They expect him to rematerialize in my living room. From now on I'm telling them to email him. Why aren't they emailing him? They should email him - it's an internet bank for the loveapete. Not very keen on communicating via the internet for an internet bank.

So I'm really confused - how do we make a white cake with white frosting? The only white cake I can manage is angel food cake, but the frosting is a complete impossibility. There are no white baking fats in the UK as they all have beta-carotene added. So no white fluffy coconut frosting, they all look yellowed and waxy. Unless I want to use lard, which I don't. Lard frosting - blech! Missing crisco.

Can't wait to go, can't wait to go.

Had a bit of a cry as it was Shorty's last day of school today and getting hugs from the Mums was hard enough and saying goodbye to all the kids, but when the head teacher gave me a hug, I got misty and bolted before I made a spectacle, and then cried a bit in the woods on the walk home, claiming it was hot and I was just sweaty. The kids don't like it when I cry and will start to cry themselves. I used to be the same whenever I saw my Dad cry, in particular. It's a stilling moment.

Having friends and rowdy kids over for pizza and drinks (not for the kids, but us adults who are overwrought at realization of having the kids around for the next 6 weeks non-stop) and fun and who knows what. Probably annoy the neighbors.

Has anyone else ever watched the cartoon Chowder? It's hysterical and completely weird! I love it, but don't tell the kids. I think it's the actual kid-voice doing Chowder that makes me laugh the most. I like it even better than Billy and Mandy's Grim Adventures.

OH oh! I forgot to add the buyer signed all the paperwork this week so the house is totally sold and she can't back out and I can't back out and there will be money in the bank on the 17th and Hell Yeah!!


jmc said...

No crisco in the UK? That's it! I can never live in the UK, because I'd be unable to make Nana's Chocolate Cake!

When you're settled and not crazy busy, email me your new address, and I'll send you a "housewarming" package of new books :)

Rox said...

Ooooh, I'd like your new address too! (Monkey see monkey do)

What an exciting time for you. Seriously! You seem to be keeping your shit all together, girl!

My kids barely notice when I cry now, I've done it so much in front of them. Of course, I cry when I'm happy, sad, mad, lonely...the list is endless. Ahhh whatchagonnado?

Ree said...

Yay for no more call queues (until you get to Oz and have to wait there.) Yay for final papers!


Lyn Cash said...

congrats, congrats, congrats - stay safe and upbeat and settle well.

Maja said...

Yippee!! How exciting...

Brook said...

Yay boo yay huh yay...well and all, Chowder is frickin awesome!

Nej said...

Here I am again, trying to catch up on my back log of blog posts. :-) :-) :-)

No white frosting in the UK....really?