Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shopping Til We Puke

I've been shopping. A lot. Tons of it. Filling the house with necessntials. Kind of fed up with the whole shopping thing now. It's wonderful having a huge shopping strip full of every shop you can think of and every restaurant you can think of just a few tram stops down the road. It's wonderful, really. A million times better than Princes street. Shop folks are very friendly, customer service with a smile; oh how I've missed you!!

I hear a ton of "No worries." it's like the Aussie mantra. Isn't that sweet, I love it. No worries. Utopia in two words.

Went out on Monday to find the Japanese grocer I'd located on the internet only to find most shops are closed on a Monday. Went back today and Hooray! Not only open but I spent a small fortune and got all my bento basic foods and some extras too. Had a wonderful time. Loved it. I did ask if they carried bento boxes but they said no. They did once but they weren't popular so they stopped. I said I'd love to find a place like Daiso and the cashier's face went blank and then lit up with a huge smile "Daiso! Yes, great shop. You been to Japan!" I had to disappoint her by admitting I have not been, "But you know Daiso." she confirmed, as if that was enough for her to accept me.

I bought a mountain of furikake, sesame seeds, rice, miso, snacks, sweets and inari. I even got to try mochi for the first time - it was great! Weird at first but oddly it got sweeter the more I ate it. The kids loved it too which I found bizarre - red bean paste in a gooey rice ball? Kid food? White kid food at that? Yup, they loved it. ?Said they wanted to get that as a snack next time. I'm going to see if I can get some instant mochi flour and make my own next time. Thank goodness for Cooking With Dog because they have a how to video. I love CWD, one of my favourite YouTubers. So I shall be Japanese cooking Queen in no time.

I also got some books in the Borders sale. Cooking On A Shoestring, Small Food; snack sized bites to share with friends, Cheap and Cheerful. I've had a couple panic attacks about how fast I'm going through cash Where is it all going?! Hard enough having to think in a new currency again, always having to refer back to £ or US$ which I shouldn't even do as my US currency converter (as in, what I remember stuff costing) is 14 years out of date. But over $4 for a loaf of bread? Are you kidding me?? Fuck right off, thanks, and yet I can enough kangaroo meat to last three meals for $6. Toilet paper for two weeks costs as much as a loaf of bread...is that right? That doesn't seem right to me. That's weird. So I'm buying the cheapest bread. Perhaps when my books arrive I'll pull out the Julia Child baking cookbook I got from Doug and have a proper go at making my own breads. I've been a bit chicken about it. I don't like how the bread dough is all sticky and goops up my fingers. Yuck. Sticky is one thing, I can cope with sticky, but gloopy, gloppy and stinking of yeast? Maybe I'm not ready yet. Maybe I need a super food processor with a dough hook...yeah. Ahem.

...and a mini cleaver.

Was watching the news last night where we were shown what happens in Sydney when folks are drunk and disorderly and put into holding cells for the night, I forget what it was called as I was half listening and making dinner but at one point I heard "...and this young lady is being held for farting with her boyfriend." and I stopped cold: What was she doing?? "Fighting; she was fighting with her boyfriend, not farting with him, which is what you heard but not what he meant." Got to love it.

So, I'm getting a hang of the trams, getting used to the trains, slowly making it farther each day. The kids are loving Melbourne, even though they haven't found the holy grail of a Pokemon shop. I don't know where they got the idea that Australia, being closer to Japan than the UK, would have Pokemon superstores. Of course there are no Pokemon superstores and eventually Sassy will have to come to grips with that, but for now she's content in her fantasy.

I suppose I should get some plans in action to see some cultural things. So far it's been a lot of shopping and a few days in Ikea.

Oh, have I mentioned how much I love my new bed? It's heavily. It's delish. Husband got a wonderful, firm yet squashy bed and a latex pillow for me. I've not had one before and it's fabulous! I'll never have foam again. My hips aren't sore, that annoying numb patch on my thigh has disappeared and no more aching ribs. I had no clue most of my aches and pains were from the bed - I thought I was just getting old and it was normal - It's not! It was a piece of shit bed and was fucking crippling me. I'm now feeling wonderful. I love my bed. Sleeping normal hours again. Also, Australia seems to have similar sunrise/sunset times to New England so I'm feeling normal with seeing the sun at the right times again. I wonder if Husband will ever find the differences weird for him to get used to.

Australia already feels more like home than Scotland ever did.

Now to make friends.


Brook said...

So nice to hear that things are going well. So, stateside average loaf of bread $2, and an 12 roll package of tp is about $9. At least where I am anyway. Already feeling like home-very good indeed.

jomamma said...

I remember Jolea saying some things were dirt cheap and others way outta wack.

Love the Asian Mkt story, that happened to me too "you know Bento???" Then they spread the word through the cashiers. At least that's what I hoped they were doing, for all I know know they may have been calling me some kind of American Twat.

Like Brook said, glad it's beginning to feel like home.

Lyvvie said...

Oh yeah, it's bizzare the cost of things. Average price of a (good) paperback novel $20, Loaf of bread $4, box of wine $7. Twisted!

Rox said...

7 Bucks for a box of wine?! I'm coming for a visit!! :o)

I pay three to four bucks for a loaf of Healthy Choice Whole Grain bread. The white stuff that will kill you is cheaper.

Bread making is easy. I should make you a how-to video!

jomamma said...

I thought $7 was a great price too! So I guess this is a sign that they drink more than they eat. Jolea did say she'd never seen people who could drink as much as the Aussies.

Overboard said...

Photos! Photos! Cam on! I want to see your street, your bed, your Japanese grocer.

northern musings said...

Great that Melbourne is being good to you. As for the prices - why eat bread when you can drink the wine!!! Have you been to la Porcetta yet? good priced italian - I used to go to the one on Toorak Rd in Sth Yarra, but I think that they are pretty generic. Also - sunday markets down by South bank and the markets in Prahan (pronounced Pran as in Pram) I would love to be there to show you around and introduce you to some excellent folk - but no doubt you will find some of your own quite quickly!!

Lyvvie said...

Booze is cheap. It's So Cheap! I've not tried any of it yet apart frm the bottle of sherry I bought which is very nice and not stingy or with a hint of artificiality at all. That was kind of my point for scale; books are taxed into such a state that folks may not be tempted to read but may buy a mountain of drink.

Drinking culture is like the UK: drink lots and have fun because doing so is super cool. But what I've not seen are the ads that promote responsible drinking. The Uk have a few great ads targeted at 20-somethings to get them to stop binge drinking.



Really good ads, right. UK is a country that taxes alcohol heavily, but seems not so much in OZ. I'll have to look into it more to know the absolute facts, as this is just my impression from what I've seen. I could be completely wrong, but you know - $7 a winebox speaks pretty loudly.

Lyvvie said...

I have a pretty empty house just now, so showing pictures may be dull, but sure if you want. Most of the furniture is still in boxes or recently been assembled and still have box-bits around.

Ree said...

Sounds like you're settling in just fine!

Marg said...

The ads about drinking and drugs are around. There is a new one about driving on drugs that just freaks me out!

Another market to try is South Melbourne Markets. I've only been there once but other people like it.

I always say No worries! Really need to get a new catch cry.

Speaking about cultural things, if you don't get an email from me in the next couple of days, remind me. I haven't forgotten about books shopping, but I did want to ask you whether you want to do some Melbourne Writer's Festival stuff. I was intending to email you now, but my work email won't cope and I can't get into Facebook anymore! Grrr!

Lyvvie said...

Marg that sounds awesome! Drop me a line at the lyvvie@gmail.com and we'll get it sorted.

Husband had a younger guy say "No dramas" to him and he kind of liked that. It works, no?

Plans for the week are getting my daughter ready for school next week and visiting Robio and Fujimart and taking in the Dali exhibit. Also want to take Sassyface to the Pompeii exhibit.

So much to see, it's fabulous.

OH and the drug ad is pretty rough stuff. Knocked right out of his shoes.

Suisan said...

We love mochi ice cream balls. The red bean flavor ice cream I think would be nasty on its own, but surrounded by cool mochi it's yummy.

My eldest daughter, Neo, is on a bento kick. All summer I cooked Japanese food for her. It's quite fun.

Younger kids just like their sandwiches cut up and stuffed into bento, but that works too.

tornwordo said...

Nobody is laughing about the farting with her boyfriend! Rest assured, I guffawed.

A box of wine here is over $30. $7 is really not fair.

Lyvvie said...

Mochi ice cream balls?! I must have some! Where to find, where to find? Have you seen my Bento site? It's not huge, but I'm proud of it. Link is on the right. I also find a mountian of ideas for bento from Flickr groups.

Now to bring Australia into the fold.

Thanks Tornwordo, because it made me laugh a long time too.