Monday, July 06, 2009


I'm leaving for Australia in three days. Three days! I'm starting to get a bit panicky. what have I forgotten? Do I really not need actual tickets? I'm not sure I trust this new "It's linked to your passport" stuff. I like having the tickets in my hand. What if I get there and they're all like "Nope sorry, no booking for you." and I'm effectively homeless.

I've been packing, re-packing, weighing the suitcases, are they under 23kilos? Shuffle this to that one, move this thing Will need to buy locks.

I suddenly have so much to do and have missed having a car more than ever. Just for the economy of time. I have to go to the shop, go to the estate agents, have to be back for 4pm so the movers can pack up the computer. I'm going to be without a computer from tomorrow! I don't know how I'll cope.

So this may be the last post from Scotland! Pastures new coming soon.

I'm out to buy the cheapest rolls of toilet paper I can, a couple computer games, and locks. Musn't forget locks!

How is Must not not Mustn't??


Sylvana said...

How exciting!

Just remember back to when you moved to Scotland. Before you know it, you'll be settled in and feel at home (more or less) -- and you do have your family with you!

Breathing is good too. So don't forget that.

Dingo said...

I know it seems as if this process dragged it's feet but now it all seems to be flying by so quickly!

Have a safe trip. Set up as soon as you get there and tell us everything!

jmc said...

Have a safe trip!

jomamma said...

ditto on the safe trip, print your boarding pass so you'll at least have that to hold on to. And don't lock your bags until they check them..... or they'll cut your locks off.

ree said...

Three days. WOW.

Don't forget the girls. I think you'll be okay as long as you remember that.

See you on the flip side!

Maja said...


Nej said...

Mustn' that! Will use it as much as possible now. :-)

Getting caught up on my blog reading, and you're probably already without computer...but....GOOD LUCK on the trip!!

Can't wait to read about how it goes!!!

Sarah said...

You've gone! You've left! YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!!

Rox said...

Musn't isn't mustn't without the T.


You're already there. I can't wait until you are settled so you can fill us in!

Kate R said...

Are you there yet?