Monday, June 22, 2009


Fuck it I'm still going.


Brook said...

If you'll buy my ticket I'll hold your hand and everything will be okay...even if I'm not there it will still be wonderful.
That was a great clip to start my day...thanks!

Marg said...

Hah! I've only ever seen about half of those...or maybe less! LOL!

Rox said...

Seems like you'll be safe if you stay in the more urban areas...hahah!

Ree said...

Wait. did someone slip a pic of vegemite in there? Hilarious. ;-)

And what was up with that koala?

I'll second what Brook said. I'll hold the other hand.

Sylvana said...

Stay away from the animals! Even the the cute fuzzy ones are poisonous!

I want to go to there!