Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yes!! This is what I've I mean when I say "Are you fucking me about or what?"

I'm not AWOL, things are going fine. I'm just spending my time blowing steam on Facebook. Playing games, doing three sentence updates - not writing article sized posts. I just don't have the patience. But in a slap-dash:

Movers were here yesterday and packed up most of what we're taking. I'd prepared as best I could by packing up our suitcases so the stuff we were going to keep, was in a safe place. I had post-it notes on certain cabinets saying "Pack" "Don't pack" "Pack all but NO FOOD" "Pack all but No Wineglasses." because the wineglasses are super cheap and not worth it in fact I hate drinking out of them because I have this thing, as you know, about drinking from glass ever since I was a kid and saw that bad movie about Sherlock Holmes or Jack the Ripper or both being zapped into the future and in the beginning of the movie there's a struggle and a huge fish take gets broken and a woman's throat is sliced against the broken glass filling the tank with blood, and an angle fish swims in the bloody water as the opening credits roll. My Grandmother took me to see that when I was about 8*. Thanks Nana! Won't put glass near my face ever since. Where was I...

So yeah I was well prepared and they showed up. Packed stuff. Took a couple breaks. At one point Shorty went up and pulled her bag of Littlest Pet Shop toys - the new ones she just got for her birthday, and was playing with them or coveting them or something, but she left them on the floor and the guy packed them when he got back from his break. Someone is heartbroken to NOT have their favourite toys for the next four months.Also, I went into the kitchen to pour a glass of water from the brita filter and couldn't find it. The guy looks at me and says "Well I packed it, it wasn't electrical. You said to pack anything not electrical." It still had water in it last I looked.

I'm all a bit forced mellow at the moment. House not sold, had viewers today, they said they like it. I'm now tired of hearing that and just want to shout "Show me the money!" and I hiss at slow passing cars "Buy my house you bastards." and it's getting rather ugly. I'm not very proud of myself. I made chocolate chip muffins and ate four. Granted, it was the only thing I'd eaten that day, but still.

I don't know what they're selling but this makes me giggle.

It may have been Time After Time, 1979, so I was seven.


Roxrocks said...

When we moved (and much later unpacked this box) we found weeds (or some such dead vegetation) wrapped in paper, this was in the contents of our shed. WHO WRAPS DEAD WEEDS?!

Four months? You have to live for four months without your stuff? Ohmyfrigginggod!

R said...

I have a good friend who used to teach advanced Biology classes. He refuses to drink out of a plastic glass in a restaurant, because his class once tested (supposedly clean and freshly-washed) plastic "glasses" for residual bacteria, and was shocked at what they discovered.

Northern musings said...

I feel for you liv, I have now moved four times, twice interstate in Aus and twice between countries, the Horror. Even now I find myself asking - now whatever happened to.....???? Yeh, but hey you live without it and find replacements. Hope the house sale happens soon. Not a good time I know but positive streams of thought are going your way (as if that will really make a difference)... No seriously - all good wishes are going your way and hopefully they will make a difference!

Sylvana said...

Eek! I don't think I could ever let someone else pack my stuff. They don't think like me - I'd never find anything without unpacking everything, and what on earth would they find that I forgot to hide or dispose of -- and would they pack it - like those weeds?

Good luck!

Chick said...

I've moved more times than I care to mention & it never gets easier...but kudos to you (I've never moved 1.2 way around the world)...good luck to you & your family!