Friday, May 01, 2009

One Step Closer

Our visas have been approved! We're now completely legal to go and run merry mayhem in Australia! Damn that was fast. So much faster with a sponsor. I mean, we still haven't heard back from the Australian computer Society about skills assessment. Although before this job came up, we were perfectly happy to hang about until November time. we weren't because Sun barfed and laid off half of it's staff at Linlithgow. Nevermind! Funny how up until the moment I was told about the visas I was very content to hang about for the next 10 weeks (10 WEEKS People!) and get the kids through school and then sell the house, but now that the visas are accepted I just want to say fuck it to it all and go to Melbourne. I found out yesterday there's an absinthe bar there. I've never tried absinthe. I really want to now. There's so much to discover, I'm desperately eager to begin this new adventure.

I imagine my blog will take a different lean once there, where I yet again go though a bit of culture shock and come to grips with the differences and wonders of a new country. Husband's been hinting at getting me a new camera, and I'm al for it. so far I'm leaning towards the Panasonic DMC FZ28 I also like the Canon SX10, but after comparing them, I prefer the panny. I also want an iPod touch and a Sony ereader. I'm thinking, I'm stockpiling. although normally I stockpile clothes, for some reason, this time I'm stockpiling gadgets. What does that say about me? I'm feeling like a consumer whore. Perhaps, there are a lot of "buy stuff, buy lots of stuff, and buy it now before it's all gone or becomes so expensive you'll never have any neat stuff." subliminal messages going on because I do have that kind of twitchy paranoia that some day - I'll never get the chance to have an iPhone! And then where will I be?! Swine flu will come and take away all the gadgets, and all the people who make the gadgets, and all the fun and joy and normality will whither and die just like in The Stand. Seriously, everytime a new virus outbreak hits the news, I curse Stephen King.

I've been busy, being a domestic; cleaning, purging closets, scouring, tidying, tidying up again...damn where does all this fucking dust and fluff come from?! It's boring as hell. I hate indulging that obsessive side. Given free reign to stress over every damned crumb on the counter, it's a wonder my hair isn't falling out. Of course then I'd be stressing about the amount of hair on the carpet - which I am already because damn it we shed like molting huskies in this house! Doesn't help that Shorty has been pulling the hair out of her barbies and pretty ponies so not only is there hair everywhere but sometimes it's pink and purple hair which freaks me out for a nanosecond before I figure out what it really is.

The board is up in front of the house and I've noticed a few cars stop and write down the address and details of the estate agent so has to be a good sign, but then where property is concerned, people are given free reign to be nosy fuckers and I'll bet a good half of any viewers we do get will be those looking to compare the competition and not really interested in buying.

Not too much else to talk about. I see the books on the shelf are not aligned properly and I must fix it immediately.


jomamma said...

I'm so excited for you... I love moving! I'm a descendant of a nomadic tribe. Moving to me is just like changing the furniture around, only on a larger scale.

Hopefully by the time you have to fly they'll have all the planes and airports scrubbed down and sanitized.

Brook said...

Visas in hand? You must be dying...Fuck it-GO! Well do what you must(including tidying the shelves)(I don't want to look at mine-dammit my eyes just cut over-maybe I can put that off for one more day)
I am envious really-due to a long slow series of unfortunate events we will be unable to move for a couple of years or more-and I am so ready for teh challenge of it all.
I am sure your house will sell quickly-that new kitchen wil help I am sure!

Roxrocks said...

I am excited about reading about this whole adventure that lies ahead for you and yours! The whole house is for sale have to keep it clean thing though? It sucks! I don't envy you for that bit! :)

Ree said...

GREEN with envy here.

Green. Bright green.


I'm so happy for you guys, though. XXOO

Doug said...

How exciting! For me, a big move is 500 miles. When's the departure date?

Marg said...

That was really quick!

tornwordo said...

Yay, can't wait till you go on the Big Adventure. I do hope for your sake that you're going to a place with a warmer climate.

jomamma said...

My daughter thought she was going to freeze to death her 3 months in Melbourne... and it was summer. I told her to look at a globe and check out how close she was to Antarctica! She went back to the US Virgin Islands when her 3 months was up.

Nej said...

Visas in hand...I'd be worried about you if you weren't ready to hit the road. If it were me, I'd be dying to, now, NOW!! :-)

The first thing I think of when a virus or disease pops into the news is Stephen King. Every time!! :-) :-)