Monday, May 18, 2009

Fingers twitchen' to choke the chicken...

I'm ready to off my neighbor (What were you thinking?). Not that I would ever commit violence (And if anything should happen to her in the near future; it's a complete coincidence!) but she's really being such a colossal ARSE!

House sale is being an annoyance just now. My wacko neighbor, who has a three bedroom terraced house (I have a two bedroom duplex with a better view and a garage) whose house has been on the market for two years, who's been through three estate agents and lost three serious offers; has now dropped the price of her house to £10K more than mine. So all viewers to ours this weekend have scoffed "Why are you asking so much when the house next door is bigger?" and I've had to explain "Our property was valued by an independent surveyor recently and they've set the price, not us. Also my neighbors house has been on the market for nearly two years and I'm not sure they've got a home report in place so the true value of the property is a mystery." when really I want to say "Why don't you go look at the other fucking house and stop wasting my time - good luck though because the woman is batshit crazy and won't sell her house because she doesn't want to die in New Zealand." So right now I'm trying not to go next door and strangle the wee bitch so she can die on her beloved UK soil and stop dicking the house prices for our whole post code. Other than thinking we're asking too much, people like our house. Although apparently one gent thought our decor was dated. He can fuck off. I'm not selling the decor, I'm selling the shell around the decor, you spiv.

I no sooner got back from collecting Shorty from school at noontime, when the school calls to say Sassy isn't feeling well and can I come get her. Sassy knows, if she's feeling sick she should tell the office BEFORE 11:30. So I had to trek back up the hill in the rain to fetch her. I think she's just a bit constipated and crampy. She's not argued with her friends so, we'll see. At least we got back home again before the rain really set in. Now it's just dark and stormy.

Caught the piggie-toe section of my running shoe on the storm door and ripped it. Now my little toe pokes out the side. I can't really afford new sneakers just now, we seem to be hemorrhaging money on getting things for the move. I'll just have to think positive that it's one less thing for me to pack - but what will I wear from now on? I'll have to buy a cheap pair of sneaks in the interim. Not that I've been running!! There's a flab roll growing under my boobs as a result. It's frightening me! But I'm losing weight on my legs and butt. That'll be muscle loss. Fat gain in the boob-tube. Fucking splendid.

Oh I'm just so damned cranky!!

...just had an IM chat with Husband and feel a bit better now.


Brook said...

I feel you. Really. Our house appraises(d) for about what it should. The fuckers down the street in their hurry to move fucked us all over when they sold their house for $40,000 below value. Fuckwads. What are the rest of us to do? I'd like to choke that bird myself.
That felt good.

Roxrocks said...

You are in the house when they show it? Or do people just show up to see it? What the hell?! That would be awkward, being there while people are looking at your house!

And don't even get me started on the inconvenience of children...

Lyvvie said...

Yes we show folks around our house ourselves. The estate agents phone us the viewing requests and we show the folks. That way they can ask all the important questions like doe the neighbors have kids, is it a quiet place, who owns what parking space etc.

We had two couples view this weekend, one couple were dour, sour faced chancers. The other couple were really pleasant and said they liked the place fine as just the man would be living here, but he thinks the garden is going to be too much for him to maintain. Mowing twice a month may be a stretch. But we got the pleasure of walking them through.

Brook - Total Fuckwads!!

jomamma said...

I could probably sell my house better than an agent, but that's kind of unheard of here. I could also deter someone from buying my neighbor's house. We once had an agent for a neighboring house come tell us to clean our yard, my son had stacked some tires out front that he was waiting on a friend to pick up. It was a good thing I wasn't home when the agent knocked on our door. I would have probably been arrested for assault.

Nej said...

Nothing worse than the piggie toe sticking out the side of a shoe!!! That really stinks! :-(~