Tuesday, May 05, 2009

All Systems GO!

The board outside our house went up on Monday, photos for the schedule were done on Tuesday with help from me running out between rain showers to catch views of the bridge in patchy sunshine as nature had stage fright at the time. Thursday the schedule and pictures were submitted to the ESPC, which is Edinburgh's estate agent's property page and is a must for anyone looking for a new home in this area, Friday our house was listed, Sunday we had an offer for the full valuation price from a guy who pulled up outside our house, didn't even want to see inside and said he would give us the full price if we took the house off the market Today.


Stuff like that doesn't happen. It just doesn't. And right now it's only 7:30am and I have to wait a couple more hours before I can get in touch with our estate agent and have a right ole' chin wag with her about this because we will most likely take his offer if he's ok to let us stay here until July 5th. Depressed market? Fucking hell. Apparently, the guy has been wanting to buy my neighbor's house. She's the dithering drama queen whose daughter lives in New Zealand and has been begging her to move there to be with them, but my neighbor doesn't want to move to NZ. She's 73, has health trouble, and will burst into tears and wail on about how she couldn't die in a foreign land. It is sad. Her tears are genuine. It's just she'd had a car accident a few years ago and has a touch of brain damage so she forgets she already told me this and it seems, as I'm in a similar situation (Although I actually want to go and don't care where or what continent I die on) so now she only needs to see me and she begins to cry. I don't like feeling like the person who makes a sweet old lady (who is rather crazy) cry all the time. But there we are. I seem to have that effect of people lately. I'm casting an aura that sends people into throes of emotion. Or

We've got to change banks, apply for accounts in Australia, inform all utilities that we'll be shutting off in July, call tax offices, I have to fill in insurance forms for the movers - really must get on that ASAP as I've dithered about on that too long now. And always, clean clean clean to keep the house in order for viewers - although now since this man came and offered on the house not only do I think, well maybe I don't have to be so anal, but since the bloke didn't even care to look in the house Why Did We Buy A New Kitchen, Pull Down The Shed, And Paint Everything?!? Could I have that £5K back please? Someone's laughing somewhere at that. Tried so hard to be forward thinking, best our chances and it was for nothing. Well, then again, the valuation wouldn't have been as high if we'd not done those things so...you know. But still. I wanted to have someone buy it and say "Lovely home, great kitchen" and such. Housewives don't get validation on their hard work often enough, although I did pay someone else to paint. I managed it all! I'm the home manager. Managers can't get a project done unless they delegate.

So I'm going to be glued to the phone today. We all know how much I love talking on the phone? You all know from the hours of conversation we've racked up. Here's a fact - there's a layer of dust on our upstairs phone so thick you could felt it. I never look at the thing, I didn't even know. It was like the lintel over the door - ever run a finger over that spot? If you haven't in a while go ahead now and see what I mean. Shocking huh? If anyone had picked up the phone upstairs besides me, they'd have had an instant asthma attack. (I'm exaggerating slightly, but only slightly)

We've had a lot of interest in the house just from the board, to be honest. I'm getting a little paranoid at the amount of slow drive-by cars who then peer around and write notes before driving off. Mostly Mercedes Benz if I'm honest and that must be the car of choice for landlords but we had an Audi R8 yesterday, was gorgeous. I have to keep telling myself it's normal. We've only had flats prior to this and I'd never have seen someone slowing down to take notice of our sign. The computer is right at the front window so now I see everything.

Right, so. Estate agent, tax office, laundry. Busy day.


Overboard said...

OMFG you are so blessed! I love it!

Overboard said...

Hang on. I just re-read the post. Was the guy Nigerian? It could be a scam.

Lyvvie said...

I have no clue if the buyer is Nigerian (I'll wager a no, heeheee). My neighbor has sabotaged two previous buyers and is on her third estate agent. She doesn't want to sell, so a scam would actually suit her personal agenda perfectly.

jomamma said...

He's probably one of her rejects... noticed all the fixer-uppers you were doing while she was pushing him away on buying her house. I'm sure he's noticed all your hard work. You are so lucky at the early offer. We have so many houses on the market over here. I think we have 6 or 7 on our block alone. Most of them vacant, who knows where those folks went off to. Apartment buildings are all full. Guess everyone has given up on the American dream... going back to let the landlord take care of the up keep. Or moved back in with the parents.

Ree said...

Oh congratulations!!!! I always thought that it was much more adult to sell a house than to buy one. ;-)

Roxrocks said...

I bet I could turn you into a phone girl...LOL!

This whole process has been pretty smooth for you...you have GREAT managerial skills! I hope it all works out.

Brook said...

Holy Crap! That is awesome-I'd be shitting my pants big time!
I know an old lady crier too. Very unsettling no matter how many times it happens.
And just wait-he'll come in and say good job-he will.

Dingo said...

That's fantastic! Although I'm sad that your neighbor is so upset about moving that just the sight of you moves her to tears, it works in your favor.

sideshow bob said...

Congrats to your whole family!

tornwordo said...

How thrilling! I came home yesterday and spouse was sitting at the table with new renters signing a lease for the upstairs apartment in July. It was like magic, I didn't have to do anything. Here's hoping this offer fellow is the same way!

Sylvana said...

It would be SO nice to have that huge task out of the way before you have to leave. I can't even imagine trying to sell a house when you are halfway around the world.

Congrats! And just remember, if you hadn't done all that work, things would have moved much slower, whether the lookers saw the changes or not. TRUST ME!!

Nej said...

So...inquiring minds want to know. Was the guy that made the offer for real? Have you sold the place? Has he seen inside yet?

Don't tell me about the woodwork over my door...now I must go home and try it. I can only imagine it will be horrifying. :-) :-)