Tuesday, April 07, 2009

You're not serious, right?

Watch a man being oddly intrigued with his satsuma vagina while telling us all about why it's ok for women to have pain during sex, but for men it's all about the pleasure.

It has to be satire. Someone can't be this ignorant. Really. Really? I mean he's inspired by Dr. Seuss in this one about Gays. (Note in this one how he's covered up the hole in the background.)

...no. No he's actually serious. Did you laugh out loud when he wasn't invited to the movie with the lesbian? Did you? I did. He's possibly off his meds and playing with a vagina full of AIDS.

I applaud freedom of speech. I love freedom of speech. Without it, we'd never know the real extent of how fucking ridiculous and ass-backwards some folks are and how far we've come to escape from them. They now serve as the horrible warning. But this guy is so out there - he must be a satirist. I mean, he's Dutch for goodness sake. I'm not saying there aren't Dutch Fundies*, but I've not heard of one. As a satirist, he's bloody brilliant. As a Fundie, he's fucking terrifying!

Remember kids, don't be a tool; stay in school.

Hat Tip to Hemant Mehta over at The Friendly Atheist for this special introduction.

*Apparently there are lots of Dutch Fundies.

Oh my...one more. *lol*

Masturbating in Hell.


Brook said...

I am afraid to watch. I could either laugh enough to pee or cringe terribly and be scarred forever. I'll leave these for a braver day. When I feel up to seeing that much stupid distilled into 10 minutes or so.
Oh and masturbating in hell? Good one. I may have to use that line. I like it.

Lyvvie said...

Brook, it's fine - be brave. It's most certainly Satire - but so well done it takes a few watchings to be perfectly sure. He is really funny.

Brook said...

Will do-I deal with an unbelievable amount of teenage stupity nearly everyday(my blog today is only a very tiny bit)I have to think hard about adding more in, you know?

jomamma said...

AAAhhhhggggrrrr. He sounds like my fricking Brother-in-law, Mr. Know It All in the sake of some stupid religion that he made up himself. Like Brook, I'll have to watch later in the day... it's too early for me to take that all in.

Maja said...

Well if that's satire he's doing a bloody good job of acting serious. I'm not seeing a hint of satire in his eyes at all.

Either way, he's an asshole and I hope he never gets laid ever again.

jomamma said...

I'm with Maja, if he is doing satire he's really good, but deep down I think he really believes in what he's saying.

rena said...

whoa. whoa! he seems serious, but it's so outrageous i can't really believe it.

rena said...

my god. i just watched the vagina full of aids experiment. HA!!

Sylvana said...

Is that his glory hole behind him?

I would hope people aren't confusing sieves with condoms!