Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whoa Nelly!!

That's an awful lot of double entendre. Watch through your fingers, stifle your giggles. What a brilliant piece.


Sylvana said...

I love how "Washington prostitute patron, Senator David Vitter" just rolls off his tongue.

We need more Schusters

jomamma said...

Yeah... he's part of the Dick Army!

I love how our beloved Gov. Rick Perry is proposing that the state of Texas secede from the union. Such a dolt, we can't do that. Even though we'd probably be more successful on our own. I'd pitty those poor fools across the border with guns.

Dingo said...

Tea bagging mouthpieces?

That's just too good. I have to think that some intern responsible for the video text is laughing his ass off at what he just pulled off.

Scarlet said...

Teabagging mouthpieces

Those 2 words say it all.

Crystal* said...

"W" is George W. Bush.
As for what he lied about...your comment box isn't big enough.

Brook said...

That is fucking hilarious!

Chick said...

So funny...this is absolutely filthy.