Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mind Maps

I don't get them, and want to understand them better.

Do you think one could use a mind map as a diary? I'm not sure how it would benefit me otherwise and I'm curious about the application.


Brook said...

Hmmm-I'll have to look into it a bit and get back to you.

jmc said...

What is a mind map?

Lyvvie said...

Mind mapping is a way of organising thoughts so they look like underground train maps, or dendrites. Husband swears by them, but as an auditory type of person, the appeal eludes me. They work well for visual folks. http://live-the-solution.com/wp-content/uploads/globalwarmingrecent.jpg


Nej said...

I hadn't ever heard of mind mapping until I looked it up after reading your post. I can see how it would be beneficial to a visual mind. Can also see how it would help in creativity, brainstorming, and such.