Friday, April 03, 2009

I'm wiped out!

I'm feeling so worn out just now and I can't be bothered with feeling worn out as I still have lots to get done, lots to sort, organise and motivate. I've had a pretty busy week between interviewing estate agents and international movers, planning furniture removals, garden care, paint, carpentry and all that other stuff that needs done before getting a house ready to sell. Not mention the fucking mice are back in my attic so I had to get pest control around again which means I've been sleeping on the inflatable bed in the living room because the scratching and gallivanting of the damned rodents kept me awake.

I had a weird thing happen though, twice, that's never happened before and I've asked around and no one else has heard of it either, but I had two estate agents turn down the chance to sell our house. now, if I lived in a dunnyheap or slum I'd understand, but I live in a desirable address with river-front views. Houses in my area sell much quicker and haven't suffered any kind of depreciation. We've maintained our value, and yet one agent said that due to higher volumes of homes on their books and shortage of staff they couldn't take me on, and the other said that with the closing of their office closest to my town, they no longer cover my entire township. How fucking dumb is that? When you're offered a sure thing, you don't let it go. It shouldn't take longer than six weeks to sell this house. The chain of sales ends with us as we're not buying again within ht UK, and we're ok with a more aggressive move in date. What's the problem?

Two agents did come around and gave us some very good news that our house should get an extra 10K-15K than we expected it to. So I've pretty much decided who we'll go with. I've also chosen a mover to ship our things to Australia, although I've not told them yet. I still have to wait for Husband to sign his contracts - but it's all there in the pipeline and will take just a phone call to start the ball rolling.

SassyFace is now in a "I don't want to move to Australia," mood, where last week she was excited and looking forward to it. I know she's getting some guilt from her friends who say they don't want her to go, and it's making her feel bad. Understandable. I've warned her that she may have her friends get angry with her and they may even snub her in the future. It's nothing she's done wrong, but a defense mechanism for them to deal with their own hurt at missing her. She saw the same thing happen to a friend of hers two years ago who moved away and the girl's older sister was in tears as all her pals refused to play with her anymore. It's going to be a tough couple months for us all.

Taking the girls into Edinburgh tomorrow for haircuts and new passport pictures. They need new pictures because we sat on the old application with pictures for too long and are now invalid (they were dated by someone who wasn't me) so new pictures. It's probably for the best as both pictures of he girls they looked positively feral and pissed off. I won't even show you my one - my hair was, frightening.

After that I'll take the girls around Edinburgh for a visit to a couple venues as it's Edinburgh's Science Festival. Should be lots of things to poke, see and manipulate and when they've had enough maybe a quick visit in to see Grandma. By the time we get home the girls should be exhausted.

Also, I'm really damned cranky.Irrational and cranky. And no, that was last week you shithead.


Roxrocks said...

HEY! Who you calling a shithead?! LOL!

When we moved here, Kay's friend back in GP started spreading rumors about her that were completely fabricated. This, in turn, turned all of Kay's other friends against Kay. So when she moved, there was no pen pals, no phone calls, no nothing. It was so sad. Girls are such bitches.

jomamma said...

I agree Rox... but once we'd get to the new house, Jolea would burst in after her first day of school saying "I'm the most popular girl in school... I LOVE it here!" And now that she's grown, she has friends all over the world. The nomadic blood in her veins still runs true.

Lyvvie I don't envy all you have to do. Be good to yourself, don't get over stressed. Go get a massage.

Sylvana said...

What an ordeal to have to sell your house before you move! Good luck!

sideshow bob said...

I'll try to convince Sylvana to buy your house.

tornwordo said...

I love it when you call me shithead.

Sassy will make new friends and lose all of the present ones. Might as well face facts.

Chick said...

Your last line cracked me up!

Maja said...

I remember having a spack attack the day we were leaving to go live in Iceland for 1 year.. but once she's in Australia I'm sure everything will be great.

Nej said...

Catching up on my blog reading. It's amazing how far behind you can get when you leave on vacation for a week!!!!

I can't believe two different agents said they wouldn't sell your house. It's truly crazy.

Their loss.