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The newest Whooha hitting the net is Amazon suddenly removing rankings for any book with a gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender lean. In brief, here's the AP:

Amazon 'glitch' removes sales rank from gay books

By HILLEL ITALIE – 5 hours ago

NEW YORK (AP) — A "glitch" on has caused the sales rank to be removed from gay- and/or lesbian-themed books by James Baldwin, Gore Vidal and others.

"There was a glitch in our systems and it's being fixed," Amazon's director of corporate communications, Patty Smith, said in an e-mail Sunday.

As of Sunday night, books without rankings included Baldwin's "Giovanni's Room," Vidal's "The City and the Pillar" and Jeanette Winterson's "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit." The removals prompted furious remarks on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere online.

Craig Seymour, author of the gay memoir "All I Could Bare," wrote on his blog Sunday that his sales rank was dropped in February, then restored nearly four weeks later, after he was told by Amazon that his book had been "classified as an Adult product."

I have to say, I've not known a technical glitch to be homophobic. If it was targeting porn or a particular genre then sure, but it even affected children's books like Heather Has Two Mommies. To say it's a glitch is rather insulting to thinking people unless they're making quote fingers and looking snidely at the homophobic executive with a vice grip on the balls of the systems administrator. This was pretty obviously human bias and not a technical gaff.

So this has been going on since February. Rankings being removed from gay themed books - not all of them pornography - and you won't get the books on a general search either. You have search under category and name. Christie Kieth over at

I mean, in what universe are books like
The Lesbian Parenting Book: A Guide to Creating Families and Raising Children and that G-rated chestnut Patience and Sarah "adult" books?

Hitler's Mein Kampf, Speechless: Silencing the Christians: How Liberals and Homosexual Activists are Outlawing Christianity (and Judaism) to Force Their Sexual Agenda on America and Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds are all considered acceptable for all ages and retain their sales rank and search results prominence.

I checked the gay young adult titles by's Brent Hartinger, and they still have their sales rankings. But a few other YA titles I looked at didn't, including Sandra Scoppettone's lesbian-themed
Happy Endings are All Alike and, ironically, The Heart Has Its Reasons: Young Adult Literature with Gay/Lesbian/Queer Content, 1969-2004.

Neither did
Taking a Chance on God: Liberating Theology for Gays, Lesbians, and Their Lovers, Families, and Friends or Heather Has Two Mommies, which has got to be one of the most banned books in American history.

It's all over the internet this morning. Angriest saying Ban Amazon! Well, I'll withhold judgment for a little bit, maybe a couple days, since I don't have anything I want to buy from them just now anyways. Let's see how they squirrel out of it first. It'll be nice to see who the scapegoat is - if there is one. It'll be far more fun to see them squirm a bit under the world's eye. Forceing Amazon to make a stand against, let's be honest, the religious right who've been nipping everyone's heels to remove GLBT awareness whereever they can. Fact is, in 2006, Amazon suffered a financial sting with implementing it's new technology and being sued by ToysR'Us causing a profits drop by 58%. The flag of "Ban Amazon!!" will definitely have them bricking their knickers.

It's entirely unfair, especially when sexually explicit novels featuring heterosexuals aren't subject to the same treatment. So Amazon can't say they're trying to protect people from pronography or materials with a graphic sexual content. Also, you can still get searches for novels written by straight authors about gay characters, like the Lord John Grey books by Diana Gabaldon. We can still get those on a search and the rankings are intact. For now.

I find the increase in the threat to freedom of speech frightening. I find people like this frightening:

The best part is near the end when we hear this conversation (first found at The Friendly Atheist) Got to love FOX network supporters.

Woman: [Shouts] “Burn the books!” [applause]

Man: “I don’t think you were serious about that, were you?”

Woman: “I am too.”

Man: “Burn all the books?!”

Woman: “The ones in college, those, those brainwashing books.”

Man: “[laughs] Brainwashing books?”

Woman: “Yes.”

Man: “Which ones are those?”

Woman: “Like, the evolution crap, and, yeah…”

Here's hoping he'll find a great following in prison, which is where he's headed if he doesn't pay his taxes. Simple rule in life: Never fuck with the taxman.

In the half hour of writing this (I'm distracted), there's been eight new headlines added to GoogleNews banner from different sites. Buzz Buzz Buzz. I love the internet.

In my looking into this, I did find this product which made me giggle

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She's not my Shorty anymore...

You're not serious, right?

Watch a man being oddly intrigued with his satsuma vagina while telling us all about why it's ok for women to have pain during sex, but for men it's all about the pleasure.

It has to be satire. Someone can't be this ignorant. Really. Really? I mean he's inspired by Dr. Seuss in this one about Gays. (Note in this one how he's covered up the hole in the background.) No he's actually serious. Did you laugh out loud when he wasn't invited to the movie with the lesbian? Did you? I did. He's possibly off his meds and playing with a vagina full of AIDS.

I applaud freedom of speech. I love freedom of speech. Without it, we'd never know the real extent of how fucking ridiculous and ass-backwards some folks are and how far we've come to escape from them. They now serve as the horrible warning. But this guy is so out there - he must be a satirist. I mean, he's Dutch for goodness sake. I'm not saying there aren't Dutch Fundies*, but I've not heard of one. As a satirist, he's bloody brilliant. As a Fundie, he's fucking terrifying!

Remember kids, don't be a tool; stay in school.

Hat Tip to Hemant Mehta over at The Friendly Atheist for this special introduction.

*Apparently there are lots of Dutch Fundies.

Oh more. *lol*

Masturbating in Hell.

Mind Maps

I don't get them, and want to understand them better.

Do you think one could use a mind map as a diary? I'm not sure how it would benefit me otherwise and I'm curious about the application.

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I'm wiped out!

I'm feeling so worn out just now and I can't be bothered with feeling worn out as I still have lots to get done, lots to sort, organise and motivate. I've had a pretty busy week between interviewing estate agents and international movers, planning furniture removals, garden care, paint, carpentry and all that other stuff that needs done before getting a house ready to sell. Not mention the fucking mice are back in my attic so I had to get pest control around again which means I've been sleeping on the inflatable bed in the living room because the scratching and gallivanting of the damned rodents kept me awake.

I had a weird thing happen though, twice, that's never happened before and I've asked around and no one else has heard of it either, but I had two estate agents turn down the chance to sell our house. now, if I lived in a dunnyheap or slum I'd understand, but I live in a desirable address with river-front views. Houses in my area sell much quicker and haven't suffered any kind of depreciation. We've maintained our value, and yet one agent said that due to higher volumes of homes on their books and shortage of staff they couldn't take me on, and the other said that with the closing of their office closest to my town, they no longer cover my entire township. How fucking dumb is that? When you're offered a sure thing, you don't let it go. It shouldn't take longer than six weeks to sell this house. The chain of sales ends with us as we're not buying again within ht UK, and we're ok with a more aggressive move in date. What's the problem?

Two agents did come around and gave us some very good news that our house should get an extra 10K-15K than we expected it to. So I've pretty much decided who we'll go with. I've also chosen a mover to ship our things to Australia, although I've not told them yet. I still have to wait for Husband to sign his contracts - but it's all there in the pipeline and will take just a phone call to start the ball rolling.

SassyFace is now in a "I don't want to move to Australia," mood, where last week she was excited and looking forward to it. I know she's getting some guilt from her friends who say they don't want her to go, and it's making her feel bad. Understandable. I've warned her that she may have her friends get angry with her and they may even snub her in the future. It's nothing she's done wrong, but a defense mechanism for them to deal with their own hurt at missing her. She saw the same thing happen to a friend of hers two years ago who moved away and the girl's older sister was in tears as all her pals refused to play with her anymore. It's going to be a tough couple months for us all.

Taking the girls into Edinburgh tomorrow for haircuts and new passport pictures. They need new pictures because we sat on the old application with pictures for too long and are now invalid (they were dated by someone who wasn't me) so new pictures. It's probably for the best as both pictures of he girls they looked positively feral and pissed off. I won't even show you my one - my hair was, frightening.

After that I'll take the girls around Edinburgh for a visit to a couple venues as it's Edinburgh's Science Festival. Should be lots of things to poke, see and manipulate and when they've had enough maybe a quick visit in to see Grandma. By the time we get home the girls should be exhausted.

Also, I'm really damned cranky.Irrational and cranky. And no, that was last week you shithead.