Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still affected.

That Dispatches show I saw the other night is still with me. I keep thinking about it. It was such an important piece of journalism. I keep thinking how important it is for folks to know about this. Thankfully, someone has put the show up on Youtube. I keep wondering what can I do? I want to do something, but I don't know what I can do. Religion is useless and a scourge on the Earth.

And then there's this article in Slate informing us that there's a UN resolution up where Islamists want to make it illegal to criticize Islam. Stop giving us so much to criticize.


jomamma said...

Teaching children to kill... and to hate, what kind of world to they think they'll create? When all the infidels are gone what then? They'll have so much hate in them they'll turn on their own.

She's a brave woman to go to a place that thinks so lowly of women.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that we're not all fundamentalists of any sort, Lyvvie. I love my church (RC! Let the stone-throwing begin!), and while I AM a scourge, really, we can't blame that on the poor old Pope. The Church has done what it can to make me better. :-) Eh, so it hasn't had much luck. :-D

Also, the sad truth is that if you took away all the religion in the world, you know what you'd have left? Um, people. People who kill and do bad things. Because we do those things--for power, for money, for territory. Religion is simply a (very sad) cloak thrown over those things some of the time. But our wretchedness is in our species. I will just never, ever buy that our behaviour would be better if we'd just get rid of that nasty God stuff. If only!

Let this in NO WAY be construed as in any way making excuses for the Taliban, who ARE truly a scourge, and give, frankly, even ignorance and backwardness a bad name.