Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh Really?

I'm not as excited this time. Currently living with heavy dose of "Sure, fine, yeah right, believe it when I see it."

Let me preface this with: These are the Opinions of The Wife. Not the Employee. Ok?

Remember six months ago when I wrote about how Husband's company had an opening in Australia and he went through two interviews for the position and I was so excited and confident that were going to be Melbourne by Christmas that I cleared the garage and began packing? Then the company canceled the position and the manager in charge of the interviews didn't even bother to email Husband to let him know the situation thereby leaving him to think he'd failed miserably and possibly offended the entire continent. Husband gets a bit worked up like that, he's since realized that the folks running this down there were inconsiderate whatsnames.

So now, the company, a few months later, seems to be losing its mind. It's canceling multimillion pound deals with big name companies (Like a certain car manufacturer in Germany where if the job had been done well, could've led to many good leads) and have decided to close manufacturing of the...stuff - you'd think I'd pay closer attention when Husband talks about what he builds and creates in this giant warehouse of his. So far as I know it's mainframe networks for large data storage. Anyways, Company has said they're closing manufacturing in Scotland and having it all based in Hillsboro Oregon. So Oregon will now supply all the large mainframe networks and customer support for Europe. Doesn't that sound like a fucking good idea?? Way to go.

This means Husband has been notified he's to be laid off in early Summer. With a very tasty severance package. This makes us over the moon joyful. The severance will fun our move to Australia, the house sale will support us until Husband finds a job, of which there are thousands in Melbourne. We're in a ver good position.

So Friday night Hubs gets an email from work - let's not go there just now about how he's checking his work email on a Friday night, shall we? It's from his former manger, but good friend who's looking into ways to help his guys move on after the termination. It appears the position in Melbourne is open again! Would Husband like to apply again?

Here's the pros and cons:

Pro: keeps himself in employment with no gaps where we lose saved income.
Con: Still employed to Senseless company with group that couldn't be bothered to communicate issues previously.

Pro: Fast-tracked visa.
Con: If they decide to cancel the position - again - and the visa is tied to this position and/or company, we may have to pack up and return to UK and then reapply for different visa.

Pro: He'd have a job, where he knows the inside-outs of the work and the contacts with in the company he'd need to rely on.
Con: He's still with the same company that currently drives him insane.

Pro:...same pro He Has A Job in Australia.
Con: We would lose the severance package! Very sorry, but 30K isn't to be sniffed at. they would have to offer a full moving package, resettlement package, nice raise - and I mean NICE as well as whatever choice tidbits they could offer that I can't think of. In summary - they have to make a better offer than the severance package.

I could come up with more but I'm bored now with the pro/con game.

I'm just going to step back and let him sort this out. I personally think he should strike out new and get into an Aussie company with happy, jolly Aussie folks. But we have no idea how Company AU is run, so we shouldn't make assumptions. Even if they provide us with a foot in the door. we could later move on.

So, in this holding pattern, again. I'm not going to get excited about any of it.


Overboard said...

I'll have to think this over in my sleep.

Roxrocks said...

Chances are if a company is willing to relocate you, they will retain you for awhile. So add that to the pro list. In these uncertain economic times, that might be a really good thing.

Keep us posted!

jomamma said...

Rox has a good point. The way the company is run in the UK may not be the way the company is run in AU. Does the hubby know any of the employees in AU?

I gave up on making plans, decisions, and comments on the hubby's employment long ago. I just tell him, he's the one who has to go there everyday and work with those people. I know that he'll provide for us and I hope he makes himself happy over all. I couldn't imagine going to a shitty job everyday. I wouldn't do it. It seems like when the economy goes bad and companies start to stumble, the CEOs start crapping on all the little guys. Too bad shit can't roll up-hill too.

I feel your frustration, been going through this now for over a year.

Ree said...

I say get there, and then start looking for another company to sponsor you.

tornwordo said...

I thought Oregon sounded good. MMM, no sales tax. Australia too, but then I've never been there. The only advice I can give is hackneyed but true. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.