Sunday, March 29, 2009

Newswipe, How we see News Abuse.

Charlie Brooker is damned brilliant. I admit, I was the child who hated news, Teenager who could care less, College Student who had no time and then the bored housewife who thought "Gee, I need some conversation fodder...let's see what's in the news."

Really shouldn't have bothered. I've been depressed ever since.

It's Sunday, there's nothing else to watch, so enjoy this. It's only a half hour over two parts.

Part Three! Which I forgot to add. Sorry folks!


Beth said...

Thank you, that was awesome.

Hi Lyvvie!

jomamma said...

I love British humor... and now I'm rather enjoying British News. Thanks Lyvvie, will you continue with this once you're in the land of Oz?

I think the media does open our eyes to a lot of wrong doing but they also cause a lot of problems too.

Roxrocks said...

I read my news. My favorite news to watch though is through John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's eyes.

sideshow bob said...

Wow...this seems even better than The Daily Show on first blush. Plus, I love all the Beethoven!

Anonymous said...

He's that guy in the Guardian who made the brilliant comment about love that I now have in my FB quotations section, correct? Bless me, I've got to stop reading the Mail and switch exclusively to the Guardian . . . .

Lyvvie said...

I'm glad you liked it, everyone. I'm sorry that I forgot to put the last part in. OOps! So watch that too. Then you can follow to Youtube and subscribe to the person who's cool enough to put them up and even trawl his archives of previous series.

I have no clue why I've never seen this before. I only heard of him via Derren Brown's site.

Roxy, I'm the same re John Stewart. Colbert is on too late for me, though.

Yes Kel, He's that bloke from the Guardian. ;)