Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let The Panic Begin!

If you hear a squelching sound, that'll be my adrenal gland going into spasms.

Firstly, TV shows. Last night i watched the second half of an amazing Dispatches episode called "Pakistan's Taliban". It was frightening, amazing and fucking scary! The Guardian does a good summary of the show for you if you're interested - and you should be (Americans) seeing as this is what Obama wants to go up against. After watching this, I'm convinced Obama has the right plan to deal with it. The way the Taliban target children to be suicide bombers is horrifying. Synopsis for the show:

Pakistan's Taliban Generation.
Award-winning Pakistani journalist Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy investigates how the war on terror is creating a generation of child terrorists in her homeland: children prepared to kill both inside and outside Pakistan. With the recent attack in Lahore on the Sri Lankan cricket team, and last year's massive suicide bombing in Islamabad and assault on Mumbai, Pakistan's radical Islamists are bringing violence to the major cities of Pakistan and beyond.

It was hard to remember to catch the ads. Vauxhall, neurofen, Sensations Thai sweet chili crisps, The Duchess is out on DVD (what a laugh.), Fire safety, local furniture store, P&O cruises, Norwich Union insurance, Choclate bunnies and hot cross buns on sale at Morrisons, Vauxhall again, and then Channel Four promotions of thier own shows. That was one ad break. Fucking long, but there were only two for the hour long show, so it was understandable.

For the purpose of time, I'll only do the food and psychologically manipulative ads from now on.

9PM Living TV - I watched America's Next Top Model, which was full of ads for age-defying lotions from L'Oreal, Lighter Life diet club, online Bingo and L'Oreal hair dye. Because women who watch these shows must want to look younger and get thinner. Oh, and play online bingo.

9:35 - Dating services (That will be for the men who watch ANTM and think they'll bag a model via the dating service), a lot of Living TV promotions but all seem to be about ghost hunting and mediums.

9:46 More most haunted and mediums, Morrisons grocery store tells me what Mom's want for Mother's Day (Which is the last Sunday in March in the UK) is a pork roast dinner! Didn't know that! And I get a whole pork roast dinner for £9.00 - amazing. More online bingo - do women actually play online bingo? I can't imagine a more boring adventure. Hair spray, deep pore cleaner ( A must after the pork lunch) and perfume.

10:00 Samantha Who - We get a Kentucky Fried Chicken ad that tries to let me know it's healthy food, hand made, nice chicken...sure. then we get the Flora margarine ad that tells us if we buy lots and save tokens we can earn cooking supplies for our schools. Do I have to tell you about how horrible margarine is?! It's not even a real food! Finish up with Shreddies cereal.

10:16 - Ad where woman is getting into her fitness kit, ready for a run but when she opens the door - it's raining really heavily. So instead she has some Tetley's green tea, because a cup of green tea is just as good a jog in the park.

Then I watched some Japanese movie called Ping Pong for a bit then went to bed.

So, the adrenaline. Husband got a call yesterday morning informing him that there are two jobs in Oz; one in Melbourne, one in Canberra. Husband is applying for both. Canberra is not the most attractive locations, but it's a job Hubs could walk right into. The Melbourne job offers a lot more room for learning new skills and more advancements. We want that one. I want to live in Melbourne. Canberra is fine, but it's not got the excitement, coast, F1 Grand Prix etc. that Melbs has. They've now said they will pay for relocation this time. Which is a bonus over nine months ago when Hubs was interviewing and told it would be on his own back.

They're being a lot more aggressive about it all this time. Two phone interviews today, if they go well a face-to-face interview in San Diego next week and then straight to Melbourne for visa application starting and introductions. All over the next three weeks. They say they could have his visa sorted in five weeks. We could all be in Australia three months. That's if the house sale goes well, which we'd really want as our emigration fund will be halved and the house is our only nest egg.

And just in case any of those fellow employees read this, you need to know this is the wife's opinion, and the Husband has his own which aren't necessarily the same as mine. So there.

So what's really bugged me is I went and paid my annual gym membership yesterday. Would've held off if I'd known. then again, it could all come to naught and we'll be flying solo again. Either way, I think we're prepared.

I must clean.


Brook said...

So far none of the commercials seem very tasty. I have recently heard that Melbourne is a happening place right now-good luck! And have fun with the cleaning. Laundry on top of my list today.

Roxrocks said...

I'm panicking for you.

Maja said...

Typical that you've paid your gym membership, then find out about the jobs. I vote for Melbourne. Once you guys are settled in Australia we'll come over and visit you.