Monday, March 02, 2009

Is It Spring Fever?

Very likely as Spring seems to be here early this year. I've put away the Winter coat, looking at the coming Spring/Summer fashions for a couple of light-weight tops and spent a silly amount of time going in and out of the house yesterday to take raindrops pictures on the crocus and narcissus, which of course means I was sitting in puddles to do this. I'm in the "Only Forward" mode of thought. Not really in the now as the now feels like its holding me back. I must be in motion, even if it's mental motion, and I'm thinking of an awful lot.

I've not spent a lot of time blogging or reading blogs for weeks now. Its funny, once I started using Bloglines I thought it was great, but now that it's there I kind of leave all the blog searching up to it and I've moved on to other things. So neglected now, I've noticed friends who've blogged extensively and there's no way I can catch up. Do you think they mind? These internet friends, folks I've never met in real life but feel close to nonetheless for all the sharing - do you think it matters if I'm behind on their posts? Do you think impacts them in any way?

No. Of course it doesn't! Ego check there, Lyv. Blogging is personal and more than anything, it's entertainment or cheap therapy for one. I'm not upset to find my hit numbers dropping. My blog is for me and I'm amazed folks read it at all. Here's me justifying myself by proclaiming everyone is just like me, did you notice that?

I'm looking into writing more, running more, being with the kids more. Sassy and I were watching Pride and Prejudice yesterday and she was interested as they had no electricity and often seemed bored. She put that down to the fact they had no TV or computer games. I explained that without TV or computers, she'd be amazed at how much more time she'd have in a day to get things done. How so many of these women were brilliant piano players, learned foreign languages, mastered any number of skills. Entertainment technology coupled with a house full of time saving appliances should equal an amazing amount of free time to get accomplished at any number of things.

What a challenge, huh? Can you give up all entertainment technology? For a week. Think you could go a week without computers, TV, or console/handheld games? I set the challenge out and expected a guffaw. Husband and Sassy almost seemed keen to try it. I was stunned and terrified a little - what will I do if I don't see my favourite shows - I mean I look forward to them. I'm the one with the biggest addiction to TV escapism, I've just managed to hide it. Didn't feel too good to have the challenge taken seriously. One week. I could miss my shows for one week. there aren't that many. I'll list:

Monday is America's Next Top Model followed by Samantha Who.
Tuesday there's nothing so Husband and I either play on the Wii or watch a movie. Since I just joined one of those internet movie rental places that posts movies out to us, this is now 2-3 times a week.
Wednesday is Project Runway.
Thursday is an hour of Nothing To Declare, the Australian Airport Customs show. I love this show.
Friday is more Nothing To Declare and Boston Legal.
Saturday is usually free TV so we either scan or just put on the iPod and let it shuffle all afternoon. Sports events often fall on a weekend so recently it's Six Nations Rugby.
Sunday Six Nations or F1 if nothing like this is on then we don't bother.

Now, often the TV is running a series of kids shows if it's not one of my shows, but lately the kids haven't been watching a lot of TV. I've banned TV in the mornings because they argue so much and give me a hard time about leaving for school. Afternoons, they seem more interested in winding down with a game. No crazy game either, they're loving Harvest Moon - the farming game. I play too, often they'll just watch me. We also take a lot of photos.

So I could miss a week. Couldn't I?

Writing more would be great. Fight those demons.


jmc said...

I just went 10 days without TV. There was one available, and I could understand what it was saying (not in my first language), but I just wasn't interested. Having said that, I'm looking online for the episodes I missed while vacationing.

Same with the internet, but for one stop at a kiosk to check plane, train and bus schedules.

I felt a little disconnected in some ways, but not too much, mostly because I was just busy doing other things.

Roxrocks said...

Screw you and your crazy spring talk! There's still three feet of snow on the ground here and your teasing me with stories of crocuses and capri pants?! Grrr!!!!

I could live without TV. It's the internet I can't live without. That being said, I can't wait until spring so I can get the hell outside and stay there, see you suckas later!

I have cabin fever.

Ree said...

When Shortman was in elementary school, they sponsored a "turn off" week. No television, no computers (unless homework related - and really, at that age, it wasn't necessary). They had activities at the school.

I think we made it through once. ;-)

jomamma said...

That sounds like such a good idea, if only...

As a kid our family would spend 6 weeks every summer in the wilds of Colorado, living in a camper, cooking over a fire, washing clothes and dishes in a river entertaining ourselves with made up games and card games or stories at night.
While visiting my daughter in the Virgin Islands last year, we spent every night out by the pool in the moonlight listening to her sing and play the guitar.

Overboard said...

that sounds so great.

Nej said...

I can't believe how much more weekend I have, when I leave the TV out of my plans!!! The days seem so much longer. I hear birds chirping outside (if it's not snowing 7 inches at the time). I have time to clean the house AND enjoy it once it's done.

Most of the time, I just read before going to bed. A few chapters to relax and fall asleep to. But when I pick up a book in the middle of the day, I can finish it and STILL have time to do other things.

Because of this, I can officially call my TV an addiction.

My hubby, on the other hand, could do without the TV...but I can't imagine trying to take away his computer. He's just as bad as I am. :-)

jomamma said...

Life can be so good with out the tube!

Scarlet said...

Tv I can live without.
My computer?


tornwordo said...

I think the whole blogging world is suffering a kind of recession. Maybe the fad has passed, and now FB and Twitter are in. My numbers have been dropping for a year now.

Maja said...

You could totally go without all those tv shows, Lyvvie, and be much better off without them. I can't believe some of the rubbish you watch! To each their own, however.

Dingo said...

I think I would have an easier time giving up the TV than I would giving up the internet. It's a huge time suck for me when I could be, and need to be, doing something more productive.

Please post pictures of flowers. I desperately need to know that somewhere there's Spring.