Monday, March 16, 2009

I create projects when I'm bored...

if I didn't I'd go mad. I think it's the work ethic that's still ingrained even though I've been unemployed *happily* for five years. Sounds so ugly that. Unemployed. I left work to raise my kids because we were in a position where I could. And to be honest, I was a lot cheaper than paying for childcare. So there.

Anyways - aren't I defensive this morning! I'm going to start a small project to test a theory my head came up with. The Theory:

TV creates a subliminally suggestive environment that encourages us to overeat and to eat the wrong foods. I'm sure folks are out there going "Well yeah, Duh." but I want to see just how many of the ads I see are food related, are junk food related, and if certain shows - mainly "girl" shows - encourage eating and dieting. Does one encourage the other? Vicious circle? So for a week or know, until I get bored, I'll log all the adverts I see when I'm watching television. At the moment I think the most I see are insurance, new cars and accident lawyer ads, but to be honest, I'm not sure. Am I seeing a whole lot more? When food ads come on, do I get cravings for these foods or similar?

I thought starting with TV would be easier. The internet - Facebook in particular - is riddled with ad-turds for weight loss gimmicks, patches, diets and you name it weight loss lies and rubbish. All in the side panel. Every page we load. At least mine is. I don't know if it's the same for everyone. I assume it is.

Also I have increased my gymtime to two hours and I'm in there five days a week. Weights on 3 days, but as I love weights, I did four last week. This is to get me doing more cardio time. When I started running, I'd use my faster running as an excuse to not put in the times I needed to actually burn fat. One can find excuses to justify anything. Running fast for shorter distances doesn't do enough for endurance and stamina. Do endurance and stamina mean the same thing?

Anyways, today was hard. I wasn't hungry when I woke up, or more the point, I was physically hungry but still didn't want to eat. I had porridge and raisins, cup of tea. Downed a diet RedBull. Naughty, but it makes my workouts much more enjoyable. I drink that and then gargle with water to clear the acids away from my poor teeth. That stuff will melt teeth in seconds! Then after dropping the kids at school, I walked to the gym, fast paced. Renewed my membership for a year because it was cheaper than paying monthly. Decided to wind up the lady behind the counter (She's normally rather gruff and impersonal) and when she asked if I wanted to use the same picture I asked "I thought I would. Do you think I've aged considerably these past three years?" The poor thing's tongue turned into a tennis ball. She relaxed when she saw I was smiling at her. I went in and did weights for legs. Drop sets between 35-45kgs and squats at 20kgs and lunges which hurt enough without weights so I just had 5kg hand weights for balance. Next time I'll do 30kgs squats which I do on a Smith machine - did you know Jack Lalanne invented the Smith machine? Neat huh. Sadly, there's no spongy cover for the bar when it's on the shoulders and it really hurts. I may have to go buy a cheap length of pipe insulation. Finished with abs: 100 crunches, 50 knee-ups, 45 leg lifts, 3s/12r of weighted side bends at 15kgs.

I was rather tired by that point and HUNGRY! There's my appetite, coming along at the wrong time. I managed 10 minutes on the elliptical before grumbles annoyed me to where I sat and had a banana and played Klondike on my nano. I figured I'd wander over to the grocery store and get a couple rustic brown rolls to go with some leftover carrot, turnip and lentil soup for my lunch. Ended up buying a lot more - never shop when hungry!!

It was the best damn soup ever. By the time I carried two bags up the hill to the school I was exhausted and super hungry. Then carried bags home and was cantankerously starved. The soup was all I could think about, and I don't even like turnip. I only used turnip because I didn't have any parsnips. Husband hates parsnips so he thought the soup was far superior. Bah to you and your turnips! Parsnips fucking rule! I'll bury you with a bunch of parsnips! (Did I mention I was a bit cranky??)

If it wasn't for Pat Benatar urging me along, I think I'd have quit off earlier. I hit the back button four times to replay this fabulous song. It's a great Monday Motivator.

I've now returned to normal. Mercy.


Brook said...

I do the same project wise though i seem to like the feeling of Damocles sword hanging over my head since I very seldom finish them or more importantly-let them go. Wow you are a gym rat-I hate to sweat-sounds like you have fun so that is good. And shopping while hungry is so wrong and yet half the time I only think about shopping because I am hungry and don't have any easy to fix food around-which in turn keeps me from snacking incessantly but...Anyway, I think you get it. Pat Benetar is awesome.

jomamma said...

The one show that makes me hungry is on the BBC-America channel here. You Are What You Eat... when they show the table full of all the 'bad' food, makes me want 'bad' food.

My favorite thing to do at the gym used to be crunches on the incline bench. I would do them for something like 20-30 minutes. Talk about a 6pack. Makes me wish I had a incline bench now.

I can't live without a project of some sort going at all times. That's why I have 3 pair of socks and 2 sweaters going right now.

Roxrocks said...

I'm currently trying to convert all our old VHS home movies to DVD. Projects indeed!

That red bull seems to have given you wings.

I'm curious about the ad study you are doing. You'll post your results, won't you?

Scarlet said...

I love Pat Benatar!

One of my favorite songs too ....