Friday, February 06, 2009

Tossing Opinions

I'm going to throw in my opinion on this recent news of Christian Bale's tirade on set. If you've not heard about it I'd like to know the rents on the cave you're living in, because if I've heard about it then it must be bigger news than I think because I'm always the last to hear about this kind of crap because I'm seriously displaced from Hollywood drama - blissfully displaced I'll add.

Yet I've read a bit of Christian Bale hate about this so I followed the links and had a listen - go here to listen if you've not heard it....go on we'll have coffee and cookies. No worries - I'll save you one!

So he's pretty pissed, right. Here's what I think: He's absolutely justified to be pissed off. From what he says this isn't the first time the DP has wandered onset during filming. Where's the support from the director? "I didn't see anything..." Nice. What exactly were you looking at, then? It's no wonder Christian's popped a vessel; and the guys keep coming back with mumblings and laughing and it's obvious Christian is on the tension wire. He's into the job, he's trying to get the shoot done and wants the day over and he's working with muppets. Let's also take a minute to consider the fact they're working on yet another Terminator sequel. How hard must that be? I mean it's pretty much a joke before it's started. Terminator sequel? Again? Bryce? *sigh* Let's just get this shit over with so we can go home and drink the reality of this situation away for a couple weeks. Sounds to me like he's been working with clowns and finally let off some pent-up steam.

Now when I'd heard he went off on his own Mom, that was far more shocking but since his career didn't end with that revelation then I think he'll weather this fairly well. Just won't ask him to babysit anytime soon. Also, I love how the media blows up the arrest but never followed up in Sept 08' when Bale was to appear in court. Or not that I've seen. Not that I care, but you'd think, wouldn't you? For the full story? But no bigger better candidates come along and it's all forgotten.

I love the remix though and want it on my iPod.

Also, Sara Benincasa's Anne Hathaway rip was even better. The DP (no S, fuck off!) bit was my favourite.

OOPS! It seems when the BBC reported Bale's tantrum, they forgot to edit it first. Teehee.


Overboard said...

He sounds so fucking hot when he's riled.

jomamma said...

Hmmm, I guess I blissfully ignore Hollywood. Do you think maybe they are so used to having words put in their mouths by writers that they can't think of anything creative to say on their own? Fuck isn't that hard to say, it's a little word and it rolls right off your tongue. He was clearly mad, but I would think walking off the set would have made more of an impact, now he just looks like a spoiled crazy person who goes ballistic on movie sets. I hadn't heard of either indecent, but then again all we hear about OVER and OVER is Fertile Myrtle, mother of 14 and Michael Phelps. I'm over Michael, he's young and he did something stupid and HE'LL pay for it. It's no big deal. I feel sorry for him that he has NO privacy in his life at all. I still admire him for what he did in the Olympics. And it's a proven fact that if a person is ADHD doesn't have Rx meds they will self-medicate with whatever they can get, booze or drugs. His mother said he was a severe ADHD child, teen and young adult. As for Myrtle and the kids, you can't tell me she didn't do this for monetary gain. She a selfish person, "wants a large family to make up for living a dysfunctional childhood" that doesn't make sense to me. Karma... lady this could backfire on you!!! I think it's going to backfire on her parents more. Maybe she's inflicting payback on her parents...

Lyvvie said...

Maria - I thought so too. *blush*

Judith - ...I have no clue what you're talking about. I've not heard about Phelps apart from his fast food diet and winning lots of medals. Or FM, I thought the Duggers had like 18 kids? 'Course now I'll have to look it up.

Lyvvie said...

Wait - are you talking about the lady who had octuplets? I misunderstood as I thought the mother WAS 14, not a mother of 14 kids.

Roxrocks said...

I'm not a fan of Christian Bale so I hadn't taken the time to listen to the rant.

That's kind of tame actually, I rant like that when they mess up my order at Tim Horton's!


You can download the MP3 for the mashup! There's a link on the Youtube thingamabob.

NWJR said...

I've worked on film sets, and I've witnessed tirades like this. There's no excuse for that kind of unprofessional behaviour, full stop. I once watched a DP and the director shout at each other from two inches in front of each other's face, and it wasn't pretty. It was also unnecessary.

Things like this usually involve long days, frazzled nerves and big egos. Bale acted like an ass, probably because he is one. It's not HIS set. It's not HIS film. He's an actor. OK, the LD made a mistake. What happens when Bale blows his lines? Does the director get to scream like a two-year old at Bale?

Alfred Hitchock was famous for having said, "Actors are cattle". When called to task for it, he allegedly responded that he had been misquoted, and actually said "actors should be treated like cattle". Bale's childish rant shows why.

Nej said...

Between Michael Phelps, Christian Bale, and the octuplets, I can hardly bring myself to turn the news on. :-) :-)

Christian over reacted, but it was fun to listen to. He went off, as many of us wish we could at one time or another. Most of us don't, because we realize how much of an asshole we'll look like after the fact.

Michael did something he shouldn't, he's a young college student thrown into the limelight, no privacy, and did something he shouldn't have where someone could snap a pic. Not the brightest thing he could have done. I'm not in favor of drug use, but I put pot in the same category as alcohol. Responsibility and moderation. He did something he shouldn't have, he got caught, can we move on now??

The octuplets. I don't know enough about the story to have an opinion. But I expect we'll be hearing about the hand-outs soon. College education, new vehicle, 1 years worth of diapers, etc, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

i love him. i totally hear both sides, like NWJR i've also worked on sets seen and heard a lot of crap, i don't condone it but i still LOVE him and im going to LOVE getting to use going bale on someones ass allllll year! in fact i have people to bale all over their asses NOW! :)

now Phelps on the other hand... don't even get me started. ... :P

jomamma said...

Lyvvie the finally interviewed the Mother of Octuplets this morning on NBC, I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but my friend said it was very enlightening... my friend thinks the lady is out of touch with reality.

I think I'm going to go back and listen to Christian again and count how many time he drops the 'F Bomb'!

sideshow bob said...

Funny, I just did a post about this too. You can download the song for free here.

Maja said...

Our tv wasn't plugged into the aerial for a week and then I came back to work in the desert. That's my excuse.