Monday, February 16, 2009

Struggling with my face

Not pleased with it these days. Looking my age. Always with the fat face, even when I'm slim I've got a fat face. I'll have jowls one day. I'm not at my best at this time of year. I definitely look better after a bit of sun. I just look tired all the time. I find I don't even bother to look in the mirror anymore as I'm disappointed with my reflection.

New Haircut
The cruelest light

Full sun, squint eyed, showing all the dark circles left since pregnancy as the "mask" never faded so I always have this slightly soured colour around my mouth, eyes and a faint mustache accentuated as I've not waxed yet which wasn't an urgent situation until full sun hits my features.

Self indulgent fool that I am. (Not fishing, just telling)


Overboard said...

He he. Great post. I rarely look in the mirror, too. Especially with glasses on. Uh, hate what I see when it's not fuzzy.
The teachers in my room have been taking my pic all fucking year in different classes, at events, etc and uh, then they give me a copy and I don't even look at them, I just shred the pics cos uh, they are awful(obviously I do look at them, but very briefly) cos they have me not posing and in talk mode. Uh, god, my lover also has the worst collection of ugly pics of me ever. For some reason, he still loves me, but god, it's horrid to know that he has them.
However, you look fine, Lyvvie. I was just ranting about myself. If I took a photo like you just took, I'd crack the bloggit.

Brook said...

Oh god exactly. Only no sun for me-my freckles are spreading and beginning to look alarmingly like age spots. ACK. Why did you make me look? Seriously, how much is a chemical peel? And laser hair removal? How long would I have to save out of the grocery money? I do have to say that I love your cheeks. And the color of your eyes, like a good whiskey really. And the hair cut is nice too!

Nej said...

I avoid mirrors at all risk. And cameras, oh gosh, you'll rarely see me on the receiving end of a picture. Yuck! Especially one taken by myself. I put that in the category of torture. :-)

I've yet to leave the "pimple" stage of life. At this point, I'm thinking I'll never leave it. 33 years, yeah - I'm stuck. :)

I'm drawn to your eyes. They speak volumes!!!!! Love them!

jomamma said...

You look great girl... beautiful hair, eyes, complexion. My hairdresser says at this time of year everyone needs a little boost. So I'm getting highlights in my hair come Thursday. I'm like Nej... I try to stay out of eye shot of the camera. And we have brutal sun here so I will always have freckles.

NWJR said...

Dude, you're still the hotness. In 10 years, you're going to look back on these pictures and marvel at how awesome you look. And so it goes...

Sylvana said...

Lyvvie, I know how you feel. I started noticing horrible wrinkle trenches under my eyes about 8 years ago. And sometimes my hands look like the hands of a seventy year old! (I hand washed dishes at a bar and grill for two years). So depressing.

But when I think about how I feel so much more grounded and accomplished now than I did even 10 years ago, I'll take those wrinkles!! I love finally getting recognition for what I know and my experiences and being taken seriously rather than being looked down on and being dismissed because I looked so young.

But you know, we both still look pretty young! And this time of year is hell on anyone that doesn't tan or get highlights.

Roxrocks said...

I'd hit it.

(I've always wanted to leave that as a comment so thanks for giving me a reason to!)

ben said...

I think you look terrific... unless you're actually 17 years old.

We are our own worst critics. You only get one face (unless you're Nic Cage and John Travolta in Face Off) so you might as well find the things you appreciate about it and accept the rest.

(I'll be the pot, you be the kettle :))

Maja said...

I don't think you look your age at all! xox

Anonymous said...

Good golly, I am with you Lyv. GOne are the days of college or grad school when I would be pleased with the reflection. I am now running around looking for wrinkles, wrinkle creams and the like. It is hard to get old... when did it ever happen?
On the same note, you are gorgeous. You look the same as you did all those years ago in concordia. ;)

Anonymous said...

i am really glad you posted this. i personally think you are beautiful inside and out i have for years. but i really hear you here. and lately i don't know what it is but i feel the same. im way way not healthy underweight, can't stand mirrors, my face isn't recognizable to me right now. i used to at least think i was 'pretty' and now i can't even see the pretty i look all gross really and also don't need or want people to say oh you look *fine* it won't change how i feel i look at the photos i just had taken and think are you kidding me i look like a bloody man.
and i second NWJR's comment.

tornwordo said...

I think we're all too harsh on our own reflections. Personally, I think you look marvelous.

Doug said...

I'd still do ya.

Oh, drat, Roxrocks already said that.

The difference in the two photos is the smile. You're scowling in the second photo. No one looks good wearing a scowl. You're gorgeous in that first photo.

victoria said...

Lyv, you're flawless and gorgeous!

No one can stand to look at themselves.

It's the one's who can that I don't trust :)