Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because We All Love A Happy Ending.

I want to put him in my pocket and have him say nice things to me, too. If you've got 15 minutes spare, you'll love this too.


Chick said...

Thanks so much for the validation!

Loved it!

I think I needed it this morning too.

I like at the end how he got his validation too : )

Brook said...

What a difference we could be if we practiced this! I am going to try this today at the post office. The prospect of igniting a smile gives me a thrill! Thanks!
You are awesome!

Lyvvie said...

I liked how his own validation was much deeper than the simple ones he'd been offering. In the end she taught him more, even though he started it.

Also it was nice to see the grumpy guy on Bones intent on making everyone smile.

jomamma said...

Everyone should validate.... daily.

Maja said...

Aw that was beautiful!