Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know what I forgot...

I forgot to link to all those brave souls who took on the 5 questions! Bad Lyvvie!

Roxanne where after a few shocking and exciting revelations she tops it of with confessing "Oh and I’m a nose-picking, masturbating Phyllis Diller fan!" And I didn't even ask!
Brook where Brook breaks our hearts and also shares that she read cookbooks - me too! It's why I love Nigella Lawson and Giorgio Locatelli. Great reads!
Nej Confessions on wearing silver lamae and that she's the girl to share Carey Grant movies with. and after that you must read her her three part series about her adventure in a Korean bath house - no, go, you must, it's great!
Victoria whose teenage confessions had me nodding my head far too much and envying/sympathizing a lot.

It's also where they all learn they got the same five questions. The answers are all very different.

The Questions:

1. Is there one time in your life you refer back to often and wish you could change. If you could go back and change it, would you?

2. What was your biggest fashion nightmare where you thought you looked the hottest but on reflection, not so much?

3. Tell of a time you were really disappointed and how you got through it.

4. What are your addictions; past and present?

5. What are your passions; past and present?

Go see thier answers and make new friends.


Brook said...

Thanks for the Q&A session and the links tothe other interviewees(sp?). Ended up spending oh, nearly 2hrs reading up on their stuff. Wow, more ways to to avoid the daily household grind! Cause I needed a new excuse!

V said...

That first paragraph made me laugh HYSTERICALLY!

Yes, this was fun, thank you!

Anonymous said...

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