Friday, January 02, 2009


I have a post to do about what we did for New Year's Day because I still have to get the brick out of my pants. Everytime I think I'm past it, I remember and the brick comes back. but anyways....

I was tagged by Scarlet to tell you folks 10 interesting things about myself. I hope I can find ten...

Rules are:

A. List 10 honest things about myself (TRUE and interesting things - not just the color of yours socks!)

B. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers. (There was an award?)

  1. I love having miso soup because the Brownian Movement fascinates me and it lasts for ages in miso soup. Who needs a lava lamp?
  2. I used to loathe mushrooms. Not the eating ones, but the wild ones because they could be poisonous, so I'd kick and smoosh them. then I got a mushroom identification book with lots of pictures and now every Autumn we all go out searching for and identifying mushrooms.
  3. My one superstition is that Rainbows fortell good luck. I really wanted one yesterday to show me the year would be a good one, but there was no rain to be seen. At sunset, the high cirrus clouds had sufficient ice crystals to form a full arced rainbow. The colours were heavily magenta tinted, but there it was; my sign.
  4. I am a major lightweight when it comes to alcohol except for gin. With gin I can reach a certain level of tipsy and maintain it all night. Also gin doesn't depress my system and actually gives me more energy where anything else will make me fall asleep no matter how much caffeine is in it.
  5. I despise liver, but like paté.
  6. I don't get BO. Or more honestly, my BO doesn't smell like normal BO, My BO smells like musty blankets. And I still find it offensive as I have allergies and it triggers psychosomatic symptoms.
  7. I've been teaching myself how to read Japanese for a year now. I still struggle but I can read it about as well as a Japanese first grader whose mother slips them cold medicine in their breakfast.
  8. I love peanut M&Ms and will suck them down to the peanut, then chew. It's wrong to just chew them candy shell, chocolate and all. They're savourable.
  9. I use a lot of body lotion and sunscreen.
  10. I wish I could be a more touchy-feely huggie kind of person but I worry about respecting other's personal space and can't read if someone would invite that kind of forward behaviour or not. Of course I broadcast every feeling on my face and I'm sure I end up making everyone feel uncomfortable. So I just don't. Except with my family.
Any takers??


jomamma said...

Interesting... I still haven't replied to a tagging I got over a week ago. I should probably do her's first... yours it easier.

Ree said...

I am in awe that you're teaching yourself to read Japanese. Where do you start?

Scarlet said...

You're amazing Lyvvie!
Teaching yourself Japanese?
Hells bells! I lived in FL for 10 years and do you think I learned ANY spanish?
Only the bad words ... :D

Thanks for playing!

sideshow bob said...

I am so on board with you regarding the M&Ms!

Maja said...

I don't have the energy for that right now.

I drank gin on New years eve and spewed all new years day. Too much gin makes me really sick. (half a bottle is too much)

Roxrocks said...

I was never a hugger either, until I became a part of Derwood's family. Now I enjoy hugging. I especially enjoy hugging non-huggers. The way they stiffen and get all weirded out, well, it's a laugh!

I'm nasty.