Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Smell me!

No really, you should. I bought this new shampoo yesterday because everyone, except me, seems to have greasy hair which means the fucking Pantene is getting chucked out. Well I suppose I could keep it as waste is bad and all but I got this new shampoo yesterday at Boots and it was a brand I'd never heard of before and it Smells Fucking Amazing! If you could mix all that's good in Coco Mademoiselle and Nico Rodriguez (by that I mean pull out the overbearing incense smell) then you'd have what this shampoo/conditioner is. It cleans well too. The kids' hair is so shiny you can see your reflection in their poker straight locks.

It's from Naked, which is kind of a boring name, but I don't care anymore. It was reasonably priced, fairly dull looking bottle but it said it would remove build up and clear all the crap dumped on their hair by the dreaded Pantene. The shampoo is Naked Detox and smells like green figs. The matching conditioner is where the magic is.

The other bonus is it's vegan friendly*. Now that may not seem like an all important thing, but you stand in the shampoo isle reading every fucking ingredient on the shampoo bottles and find one that doesn't have milk protein in it which could kill your child. Trust me - it's a bonus! Did I also mention the reasonable prices?? Cheaper than the famous hair dresser brands - all of them.

I shall investigate further into their product line. I'm very tempted by the cocoa butter body lotion.

I must swish my hair about to get more lovley aroma. *Swish**Swish**Sniff* Ahhhhh.

*(Although the conditioner has sodium lactate which is not vegan, but it doesn't cause an allergic reaction and is fine for dairy allergies.)


Brook said...

I would smell you. I love how scents are released throughout the day when I brush my hair back, or lean in close to hubby. I am currently loving anything pink grapefruit(on me, not hubby-I like him better kinda spicy). Meant to respond to your New Year adventure a few days ago but this darn life of mine sucked me back in. Oh well. Your trip reminded me of one that I, my daughter,my mother and her mother took summer 2007. The 4 of us driving the back roads and even some main ones that were fucking freaky through the Rockies, Tetons, Bitterroot Range and more that the only thing I can remember is the fear that gripped me. I recorded some of the scarier moments and was trying to find those to share-mostly cause it's fun to listen to my hysterics-but I can't find them. Two weeks of thousand+ ft drops with no guardrails and me on the outside. Creeping along at 20mph knowing that was way too fast. I still wonder why I didn't have a heart attack. It was awesomely scary and I felt very brave for surviving. I'm sure based on your description that you know exactly what I am talking about. Happy New Year a little late!

Roxrocks said...

I had no idea your daughters' allergies were that bad that it affects the type of shampoo you use! OMG! You learn something new every day!

I usually use Dove but last time I bought some Bed Head because it was called Control Freak and I thought it was appropriate. Right now I'm using Infusium because it's mellow and it's allowing the world to smell my Dolce and Gabana perfume that I got from Santa Claus! :)

V said...

Seriously this has become an issue lately. I'm not kidding - trying to match shampoo *strength* to that of the (current?) conditioner.

WTH? I was just living my life and somewhere along the way I made a mistake - because the build-up is out of controll!

And I always thought build-up was a myth..!

Naked. I'll look for it.

jomamma said...

Lyvvie that is scary... I knew the girls had allergies to food, but I never dreamed milk in something like shampoo could cause problems. But then again, my cousin's son has a DEADLY allergy to peanuts and fish... he (grown now) could tell if there was someone eating peanut butter when he walked into a room. He could feel it.

Glad you found something you can use. Makes me thankful the one kid of mine who has allergies, is only allergic to plants, unfortunately it is EVERY plant in North Texas.

Sarah said...

I love delicious hair!
I dig apple shampoo and conditioners.
But lately I've been thinking of going herbal.
Lavender, for example.
I'll be on the lookout for something that will make me smell as good as you!

Lyvvie said...

Brook, I'm just glad Husband was able to swallow his fear and drive the car. But I imagine any mountainous area has its scary road. I was on a similar one in ND a long time ago, and thought I'd never have to see that again.

Roxy - It seems to be a regular thing to have milk proteins in shampoo for glossy conditioning-ness. Whether it would actually give an allergic reaction I don't know, the proteins could be so chemically altered to make them safe but I'm not willing to risk it. I used to use infusium!

V - if you can't find it, I'll send you some! But I agree about the strength thing. I prefer a gentle cleanser but a serious conditioner or my curls go wild. So playing the matching game is a gamble. And what if the scent of one is better then another?! Also, it's the silicones that leave the build up. I remember years ago Oprah raving about the wonders of silicone for the hair. If only she knew about build-up. I think she should do a new show retracting all the rubbish advice she's given over the years.

Judith - I'm so happy we have no nut allergies. I couldn't live with a nut free house. I love peanut butter and brazils and pecans and almonds. We're a nutty family. Husband has an aversion to all things that pollinate too.