Sunday, January 18, 2009

Most Haunted is crap.

Honestly, it's a farce*. I'm stunned this show has been on the air for as long as it has. I admit I was glued to its first series - the first series had a far more skeptical lean to it. They set out to find and prove or disprove if there are ghosts in some of the UK's famously haunted buildings. A country that has such a long history there's a ghost on every block. A country where to get a regular off-season visitors, having an in-house spectre helps keep the business afloat. So it's not any wonder how a show like this would've been successful.

So in the beginning it showed the skeptic (the parapsychologist) showing up with all his gadgets to try and find readings of unseen activity, and then have a known medium and psychic (Derek Acorah) come into the house - a place he has no idea where he is as he's blindfolded and kept completely out of the loop (...because the guy is British and a Medium and may have at some point prior in his life been to some of these locations and already know the stories about them and certainly wouldn't be hard for him to research on the internet some of the UK's famous ghosts in the weeks prior to the first show but I digress,) walk through the house and give his impressions and talk to ghosts via his Ethiopian spirit guide, Sam. Although apparently he left the show after series 6 because he was kind of outed as a fake. It seems the leading parapsychologist, Ciarun O'Keefe played a trick on him by feeding a false name of a ghost that lived in Bodmin goal named Kreed Kafer via an assistant to see if Derek came up with it during filming. He did. Kreed Kafir is an anagram of Derek Faker.

All too quickly the show exposed itself as fluff. It was Derek being the weird, entranced, possessed voice of those "spirits" and what a show he puts on, it's a bunch of highly excited, hypersensitive, skittish ninnies screaming in the total darkness at the merest scratch, sniff or shift of each others movements. The facade of being a truth finding, ghost hunting, scam exposing team was crumbled. They're just a bunch of twats who scream in the dark.

Yet they endure! They just got a new medium, instead. They get five day long, 24-hour shows and still have yet to show anything that can't be explained off. There's always something not 100% in camera view so someone could be manipulating...doesn't matter. It's all shambolic. It's become a cheap thrill for those who like that Halloween spookiness to carry on all year. But really what gets me is the mass hysteria that gets everyone going when they turn out the lights and the night vision cameras come on. It's amusing to see everyone shitting themselves, but if any one of them were real skeptics they wouldn't be scared - they'd be looking for the real causes and omit the possibility of a ghost completely, but that's not exciting TV. No, seeing a bunch of exhausted, caffeined, suggestible fools scare each other witless if far better for the ratings. And those episodes where suddenly the men are being scratched and mauled by spirits - always seems to happen during the commercials! The ghosts just aren't accommodating at all to scratch the sound guy while the filming is live. Dumb ghosts just don't get it, do they. There's an old saying never do television with children and animals...and ghosts. They always disappoint, poop or steal the limelight.

So there you go. I sincerely do not got the appeal of this show. I understood it when it was new, but when it became a spectacle of foolishness I gave up. Why are others so tolerant?

*I kept waiting for Yvette to stand in the hallway and film the door opening all by itself. Those kinds of old locks are notorious for slipping. My old flat had one just like it, shut the door and after a few minutes the pressure would give and lock would slip. I wasn't going to spend a fortune to re-hang the door or fix the door frame. I also didn't scream like a sissy down the hallway.


jomamma said...

These shows are a waste of my time too. Wouldn't a real Psychic know ahead of time where he was going? We have a show here where they go out with their night vision cameras and look for the legendary things like Bigfoot, The Boggycreek Monster and the Chupacabra. The only clear shots with the night vision camera they seem to get is up their own nose. But this kind of Crap TV is just the tip of the Crap TV viewing iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo! I too am shocked by this show, it is so silly. The way the people walk around the building carrying on- as if a spirit would be so active. Maybe the ghostie know that they are going to be on the telly and take this as their big break into the pictures. Who knows. Further, the hunters will go into place where the historical language isn't even English and will all talk about the place, asking questions and whatnot hoping to illicit a response. "I heard him say 'Get out!'", I mean really. Rickard and I love the American Ghost Hunters (and were once hunters ourselves!) because they are not all about the dramatics. I mean, OF COURSE, they are going to have jumpy intros and suspenseful 'going to commercial' but ultimately they will call bullshit of it is deemed necessary.
Now I am sad, we got rid of cable last week and I no longer get to watch my favorite Ghost Hunters. *pooh*

Nej said...

I've only watched Most Haunted once...and once was definitely enough.

I will admit (and have before) that I'm a Ghost Hunters show fan. Mainly because it's actually entertaining. I find myself laughing quite a bit, the guys on the show are interesting.

Ghost Hunters International, on the other hand, is ridiculous so far. :-)

eilismaura said...

I enjoy Most Haunted for the giggles most of the day BUT the show(s) I love on this topic are Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International from the Sci Fi Channel here in the US.

You can check them out on
Ghost Hunters:

Ghost Hunters International:

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