Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm kinda bored...

I don't have much going on just now. Kids are back to school. Husband is on vacation, but stressing over his visa applications so he's no fun, although he's out today having lunch with a freind which is nice even if the friend is a former manager and is helping him with his references. I'm back to the gym and it's ok, but you know - the gym. I'm doing the bentos, I'm doing the cryptics, I'm doing the odd Japanese lesson, arigato.

But I just need something new. Something interesting. Something that'll hold my interest for a while. Sure the bento stuff is doing that, but the newness is a bit waned now and it's just delving into the fold now. I need something super new. Like learning the piano or painting. I have no artistic ability at all so the painting is out, and no room for a piano so that's out too. Needs to be something I can pick up and put down, or start where ever. No knitting or needlepoint though as it gives me headaches to squint so much. Shouldn't be overly self-indulgent. Nothing that leaves me a dust collecter so no pottery. And I'm not overly adorned so jewelry making is out. I detest scrapbooking and all those facy card making kits - how many of you have pulled all the stupid wee bits off of those fancy cards for recycling this year? Did you just chuck the whole thing? I stood there and removed plastic googling eyes, foam 3-d pads and puff-balls, cursing the fancy card makers and thier patron saint Martha.

I do like fiddling with my camera, but not sure if it's something I wish to obsess over. I kind of like the mystery of it - enforced ignorance. I've had my Minolta for years and only last night found the macro button. I know...that's pretty sad.

But Facebook can't be a hobby. Blogging either. Nothing web based should be a hobby. Like...wanking shouldn't be a hobby. No honestly, it shouldn't.

I know. I know what the thing is I should do. I know what it is I want to do. But...I'm scared. Such a big sissy pants!

Do you see how this whole post was a set up for an afternoon of self loathing. Bastard unconscious mind. Well forget it! I'm going to find something fun to do! You just watch me!

Also, I'm not wanting to talk about the Israeli conflict or the Atheist bus ads. Although the bus ads make me happy. Go Atheists! I also don't have much to say about Celebrity Big Brother although it is pretty fascinating to see LaToya Jackson, Coolio and Vern Troyer hanging out. Vern is a sweetheart and we share the same birthday. I'm keen to learn a bit more about Ulrika but the rest are just filler faces and I have no clue who they are. A tits-out model, a few failed generated pop band members, a former show host and a loud soap opera star. I'm a bit glad they brought back the original formula of Celebrity BB as the whole "We'll never make Celebrity BB again" shit that came after the racism attacks during Jade Goody's season was stupid. You can't cancel a whole show because some woman and her family are a bunch of racist pigs. Should channel 4 have edited out the racist attacks? No fucking way! It was a brilliant way to expose the way racism is perpertrated and that it has nothing to do with money or fame or upbringing - it's choice. It was a shame C4 was fined though...I think they were it turns out they just had to make a series of apologies. Last year's "celebrity" BB was entirely not worth watching, so I didn't. Do you folks in other countries get a Celebrity BB in the winter?

Can you tell I'm bored?

NoriKitchen sunKitchen sunCarrot shotCarrot and Pepper SticksBento for 09.01.09


Roxrocks said...

I'm never bored. I can always go shovel snow if I feel pent up.

Paint your toenails! No, like fancy! It won't take up any extra room and anyone can do it!


jomamma said...

What the hell is that in the first picture? The Bento turned out VERY pretty, looks like one of those prepared by a pro!

You named all the things I've done before or currently do... except exercise horses.

Lyvvie said...

That's the nori. Seaweed wrap. It's got a pretty iridescence to it.

I'm not a horse person.

jomamma said...

It is pretty sparkley...

I probably shouldn't have been a horse person either... I got hurt a few times.

V said...

You could learn how to draw or paint. It's 95% technique.

You are creative (clearly - that meal at the bottom of the photos looks like artwork!)

Holly said...

There's always knitting?

(Well, it's one of my enduring obsessions, so I thought I'd offer it up as a possibility.)

jomamma said...

Me too Holly, I spend all my spare time knitting. It does become an obsession, and you risk blowing out the disks in your neck and carpal tunnel syndrome... and you totally don't want to go to the gym because your yarn gets tangled in the treadmill.

Why don't you just work out all day.

Maja said...

I don't have any regular hobbies. I couldn't say if that was a bad thing or not.