Friday, January 23, 2009

Full Blown Aversion

I can't do anything that is actually important today. I'm in full-blown aversion of all responsibilities. I don't want to do chores, I don't want to clean, I don't want to write, or edit or anything. This internet offers enough mental distraction that I can, for a few minutes, forget I have a ton of things to do. And no matter how hard I try to wish and play Cinderella, there's no fucking fairy godmother or house full of helpful vermin to the work for me.

Laundry - Bah!
Dishes - Bah!
Baking - maybe later, that counts as chore aversion even though it increases the mess.
Sweeping/Vacuuming - Double Bah!
Editing the MS - Fuck off and be Bah!
Scripting Dialogue - Bah!
Put On Make-up and Do Hair For Child's Stage Debut Later Today - Bah!

But I am excited to go see Sassy recite her Scottish Poem before the school assembly. We're special invitees as our darling is reciting. A Scottish Poem. As Sunday is Robert Burns Day and the Scots go mad for it, making haggis, neeps and tatties dinners and reciting poems of the Bard himself. And yes, she's reciting it in Scots which her Dad had to help her with as I'm a tad hopeless and not as encouraging. I did help in my own way by showing her recitation techniques, and sharing the wisdom bestowed upon Jan Brady (Or was it Marcia?) to overcome any stage fright; to see the audience in their underwear. She now thinks I'm batshit crazy, but she did laugh at the thought of her Principal in his boxers - who wouldn't?

I have wasted my whole morning fucking about in the internet. This thing needs a timer and a lock-out option. I'm just very bad at self regulating/self management.

I'll go wash the dishes. Bah.


Brook said...

I am right there with you chickie! It was a condition of marraige to one day have maid service(it's true,really, but well, you had to be there). I know, I know,I should have put a real time limit on that one. I'm still hoping it will happen before nursing home ladies are the maids! In the meantime, a pox laundry folding and dusting, and until those helpful vermin get home from school/work I am not touching any bedrooms!

Nej said...

A timer and lock-out option. If you ever find one, kindly pass the information on.

Between the internet and TV, I have no time to do anything remotely productive. :-)

jomamma said...

I miss the girlchild who used to clean for me while I was at work... You would think the house would stay clean with only one person home all day....

Maja said...

I totally know that feeling of not wanting to do anything. And it's so hard to make yourself do anything when you're in that mood. So hard.

Chick said...

I'm so good at's scary.

I find the Brady Bunch always offers such good, simple advice. My mother still thinks it's odd that every member of my generation can recite full episodes from memory (mom always said...don't play ball in the house).

I hope Sassy's poem went well.

V said...

Doing nothing (when there is time -which, in itself, negates the whole point of doing nothing) is a great idea!

I only do "nothing" (it seems) when I'm supposed to be doing something.

Because "making time" to do nothing (penciling myself in) only underscores the fact that there is no real free time - and it's like a smack in the face.

I don't want to accept the lack of time.

I'm terrible. Join me?

(..I'm doing nothing right now!)

tornwordo said...

There's this new thing we've got over here called a "dishwasher". I think you should get one of those. I need a timer and lockout button on my computer too.

The Coffee Lady said...

Time is never wasted on the internet! Look at how long I spend doing really useless things like brushing up crumbs from under the kitchen table. THERE ARE ALWAYS CRUMBS THERE. Now that is a waste of time.

Roxrocks said...

Why play Cinderella when there are many better big hair bands such Whitesnake and Poison!

Oh wait, I read that wrong...