Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The pain in my face is coming back. I'm rather annoyed about it. I hope it doesn't turn into the clamping of the muscles down my left side like it did the other week, but I'm seriously fed up with it. It must be something setting it off. A friend recently talked about similar symptoms and it turned out to be dust motes. I have plenty of dust, but not the musty kind. More the free and fluffy kind. Vacuuming doesn't set it off. I don't really know what sets it off. But it starts with a soreness on my tongue like it's swollen, moves to the left tonsil, then the ear gets a bit tender and finally the sinus pain. Sounds like a food allergy, huh? Why it only affects the left side of my head I don't understand. Anyways...

I've been reading more and still working on the cryptic crosswords. I'm in no way a super sleuth, but I think I'm better. If I can get four or five answers in the daily paper I'm happy. After writing that I went to Amazon and bought a couple of "how to" and easy break me in cryptic crossword books. I'm such a geek - love me.

I've spent a small fortune on Amazon today between my humble crossords and the pile of treats for Husband and Sassyface. That's all I can say. And a new chopping board as mine has split. And some new shirts for Shorty as she's suddenly grown out of the ones I bought her in September or they shrank but I'm going with mutant growing child - two inches since May and she's all arms and legs.

I'm colouring my hair. Those pesky greys at my left temple are so determined! So I don't think I can do the dark brown anymore. I'm having to move up the colour scale to a lighter brown. Light frosted brown to be exact. *shrug* I'll probably end up with light roots and dark ends; it always happens that way. Also, perhaps colouring my hair while having this face ache isn't a good idea. Although I did find the cause and now feel better - there was a green sporing orange in the bottom of the fruit bowl. I don't know how it got there as I keep oranges separate from the other fruits in the fruit bowl for exactly that reason. Fucking manky thing. I hope that's all it was.

I finished reading Mary Balough's The Ideal Wife. I'm not impressed. In fact I'm quite peturbed. She completely chickened out of the big confrontation with the antagonist. I was all geared up for a united front of a confrontation and what does the annoying heroine do? She says "No please we can't go in there - let's go home instead." Huh?! You can't run away! Gee whizz what a swizz. I put up with her rambling on and on because she's obviously kissed the blarney and her husband who only married her so his Mom wouldn't force him to marry some Deb, is all "Ok honey. I love you and I hope you'll tell me the same thing some day soon because you're breaking my heart here." Grrrr. I feel cheated. I want the fight! Who cares that big secret is such a let down, I wanted to see Stepmom put in her place. And these little sisters that were the whole reason for the Stepmom's blackmail (Pay me tons of cash and I'll disappear and you can raise my children.) NEVER Show. Never ever. No cute wee sisters flouncing about telling Perfect Abigail how wonderful she is. Nope they stay in Bath the whole time. Whoever edited this needs a strip torn off them. So apprently, this was originally written in 1991 and I've got the reissue edition. Why didn't the reissue have the missing chapters? Come on - there had to be a confrontation that somehow was cut out - this couldn't have been the whole book. Also the Hero falls asleep after sex and that is romance novel heresy!

Husband is home with the drugs. laterbye.


jmc said...

I'm glad to hear that I am not the only reader who wasn't thrilled with that ending. Older Balogh seems to be so revered, but as I read the re-issues, I'm not that impressed.

Hope the face/nerves improve!

Roxrocks said...

I need to color my hair too. In a moment of clarity yesterday, I noticed several silvers when I held my hair a certain way. Better rectify that soon!

Growing children causes achy faces, did you know that? :)

Jomamma said...

Grown children cause gray hair... but my hair dresser puts a honey color on my dark hair. She says use a honey brown or honey auburn or honey gold... anything with honey in the name the gold in it will latch onto the grays and thus makes them catch the light and look like highlights. My grays just blend right in... the more you have the better it looks.

Hope you get allergy relief soon.