Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jesus Turned Japanese

I'm sure you missed this news story - in fact I found it by accident. It turns out Jesus wasn't killed on the cross - it was his brother, Isukiri. Yes, Jesus managed to escape, cross Siberia and settle in Japan where he married a local woman and had three daughters and became a rice farmer. He's buried there now. The bit that made me laugh though was this,

Sawaguchi said that despite being related to Jesus, he is planning a distinctly unfestive Christmas.

"I'm not really planning anything at all for the 25th as it doesn't really matter to us. I know I am descended from Jesus but as a Buddhist it's just not all that important," Sawaguchi said.

It's a short article, found here.

My house smells awesome as I'm slow roasting a huge roast beef. They're selling off the last of the beef joints that didn't get picked up for Christmas lunch. This one is as long as my forearm and was about seven lbs.

Stuck in the house still, waiting for delivery. Sassy's robot was missing it's battery cover so it's been returned and the replacement should be here anyday. I don't like being stuck in the house waiting for parcels. I may say tomorrow - fuck you postman, just take it to the depot, and go out for a walk. In the cold. Although it's not even really cold. No really, I had to cut back the parsley this afternoon as it's grown like mad - it's survived all these forsty mornings. Heartiest weed ever. The hostas are regrowing already, the bluebells are poking through, the rosemary is still flowering as are the Livingston dasies and heather. Winter doesn't really hit here until January and last until May.

I've seen the same green jeep thing go by three times now - I feel like I'm living in that movie...what was it called? With the guy from Ace Ventura - forgot his name too...fucking brain let me think clearly will you please!! The (Lead Character's) Show. and for some reason I have Gary Silverman in my head - who the fuck is Gary Silverman?!?! which of couse becomes the Gary Shandling show which is not what i wanted, brain, try again. Truman! The Truman Show. Got there eventually. Point completly lost in the briain waffle but damn.

I'm so fucking bored I may try and bite my toenails. I'd have to spend a lot of time encouraging stretching of the limbs to allow such an act but I'm really that bored.


Maja said...

No big deal, he's buddhist. Well god botherers should take note. If Jesus' relative isn't fussed about christianity then why should anyone else be!

I was at home once when a package was delivered but I didn't hear the door and had to go pick it up from the post office anyway. I hate that.

Roxrocks said...

I just read your entry about the shoes and I laughed so hard even though I'm pretty sure you weren't trying to be funny. I've also been cooped up too long and tell me you are bullshitting that you have hostas popping up because girl, it's -25C here and we have a foot and a half of snow and I DREAM OF HOSTAS!

I got your card yesterday, THANK YOU! I did not find your address though, so you will get one next year. Hey! That's how we should do it, we should just alternate years so neither of us feel the Christmas Pressure. LOL!

jomamma said...

I agree with Maja... everyone should just believe what they wanna believe. If you believe it hard enough then perhaps it will happen, but chances are your belief will collide into someone else's non-belief and they will cancel each other out.

I'm bored too, can you tell? If you can bite your toenails then do it everyday... maybe not the actual biting... just that bending over part... if you stop doing it you'll freeze up and won't be able to do anything. Keep limber.

Hey our high for today is supposed to be 78F... this is not normal.