Thursday, December 18, 2008

I peed a little

It happens so rarely, that embarrassing moment when caught off guard by an enormous cough, sneeze or burst of hysterical laughter. At least with the hysterical laughter it makes it worth the changing of knickers. Today, this made me change my undies.

Oh Jared. Oh dear. Although no kohl for a change, which is nice.

(Although he was a dreamy gorgeous *high school boy* and I totally understood where Angela was coming from in her massive crush (That hair, those eyes the sad life you just wanted to hug and kiss away and run a finger over his lush eyebrows), I always had more of a thing for her. Claire Danes. She's...the One.)

Even clicking the link myself to check it works I'm laughing tears again.

Hey...did you ever notice Jared Leto is a clone of John Stamos?

90's Jared Leto80's John Stamos

You see it, right? I loved Blackie first it's got to be said. Wished he'd been my "Uncle Jesse", cor.


Dingo said...

Jared Leto has disappointed me over and over again. Every time I see his greasy locks and unwashed face I try to convince myself that he's just preparing for a movie role. Alas, it always turns out that he's just dirty.

Brook said...

I agree, there is no point to the greasiness- unless he uses his funk to keep the groupies away. I'll never forget the day I saw Colin Ferrel(l)'s black rimmed fingernails, grimmed with what could have been weeks of boogers or the residue from scratching nasty itches, I don't know. But what I do know is that here we have yet another blue eyed, black haired babe that is no longer fit for human consumption.

tornwordo said...

Resolve to bathe, kay? Hilarious. I have more problems with liquid escaping the other hole.

jomamma said...

I love that word fugly... it just rolls off the tongue.

Brook maybe Colin had been gardening... or nose mining! I bet that was surprising to see, made me laugh.

Oh Torn.. it's OK.. we pee a little, you guys fart.

I've got to go back over there and check out some others... so many!