Monday, December 15, 2008

Don't Let The Fuckers Tear You Down!

First off there's this:

That's my Husband.

Secondly I'm mighty pissed off because you know how i had the mouse problem? Well it's done now - they're all dead! We danced merrily when the nights were once again silent. So the job was signed off by Mark the Gothic-Romantic pest control officer - I did explain that Mark was a bit G-R didn't I? I mentioned that when I asked him how the poison would work, he told me "Well they'll come and eat until their bellies are nice and full. Then they'll go back to their warm nest, preen themselves, fall asleep and die peacefully in their sleep." When really I wanted to know if I was going to find little rotting corpses all over the garage or attic.When I mentioned that they were playing frisbee in the attic he told me it was most likely "Death throws, and they can go on for a while." But then once I told him to cut it out with the pacifying the pacifist crap he told me straight. He cracked me up. So anyway, Mark closed off the case and I waited for the bill to come, anticipating a £200+ bill for the four call outs. The bill arrived on Saturday and was for the measly sum of £40.41 for which I am psyched. Then I get a letter today saying that I'm in arrears on the £40.41 and may be taken to court! Some dipshit got their dates mixed up, saying the call was closed on 20th November when that was when I made my first inquiry, and I had to spend time on the phone - not a free call either! - to explain that they'd fucked up and I better not get any crap from them or their debt collectors.

I already had a fucking heart attack when I got an email from paypal saying the online Japanese classes I used last year, but not very happy about, was renewing my subscription and taking £123 from my bank account. You fucking well aren't taking £123 from my bank account two weeks before Christmas!! I canceled the subscription - which I didn't know was one of those auto renew with no warning SCAMS! They are a scam. If I want it to continue I'd bloody well renew it myself, thank you very much. Otherwise it should lapse and be forgotten. I've been stalking my bank account all day waiting to see if the bastards action the withdrawal. I've sent scathing emails and actioned a complaint on paypal.

I just don't need this kind of bollocks right now. I don't need any bollocks just now. Or ever, really.

Sassy has entered puberty. I'll not go into the details but we'll leave it at "budding" and she's seeing the doctor on Thursday to quell her anxiety over the "budding". Considering her mother's extensive buds, it's not really unexpected.

It's nearly 8pm. I'm a bit knackered and I still didn't get to do my review of Delicious by Sherry Thomas which I loved! Loved it! It made my weekend, even if I had no frigging clue what was going on for the first 120 pages and I kept saying to the book "Yes I know you're trying to be all sly and coy and sneaky and make me try and figure it out but you're becoming annoying now so just get on with it already!" But all is forgiven after the second bathroom scene. The first one was funny but the second one was hot! I may re-read this just to re-experience the first 120pages with the knowledge and maybe it won't prickle so much. But get it if you like sexy romances. Get it get it get it! Thanks JMC!

I'm checking the online banking again...


Ree said...

I love online banking specifically for this reason. NO waiting for bitching. Can you imagine if you'd have to wait to get your STATEMENT??? Oh mah holy hell.

My niece started her period when she was 9! Am I imagining things, or are girls maturing earlier?

jomamma said...

I hate banks... "What's in your pocket?" A farking bloodsucker!!!

Girls are starting puberty earlier... I think it's caused by the hormones in milk. We have girls at our school in the 3rd grade that have bigger tits than me!

Hey, and Sassy may be the generation that the boobs skip... I was. I'm barely B and Jolea is.... way on up the alphabet! I can't even be called perky.

Maja said...

Ooh that is so annoying when they automatically renew your subscription and you have to tell them you don't want them to but usually they don't give you enough time etc etc.

I remember when I started budding. I asked my mum what they were and when she told me I was growing breasts I was so excited I told everyone. I think I was about 9 going on 10. I remember then when I was nearly 12 one of the girls in my class told me that I really needed to start wearing a bra.

Lyvvie said...

Ree - Well to be honest I was nine, and recently had the talk with her about changing bodies - good thing too as I can't imagine what she'd have thought was going on otherwise. but a small lump under the nipple is always worth a second opinion which is why we're seeing the Dr. on Thursday. I did a bit of a google about it and it's apparently very normal for both boys and girl at this age. However, I may have to get her back into karate of kickboxing because she's going to get a lot of attention.

Judith - I have no doubt it's milk either which is one reason we don't have any. Filthy stuff. However my Mom and her sisters were the generation skippers. The rest of us offspring are mamtastic.

Maja - Auto-renew is so frustrating. It says to your customer that they are stupid and couldn't realise they weren't getting their magazines anymore. I hate that "We'll take all that responsibility from you so you don't have to bother, we can manage the money for you." Fuck that. My money, my choice. If I want to renew I will. If they want a bank or credit card number attached in the bargain, they can suck it.

That wee girls must have been sooooo jealous. Why are wee girls so mean? I got breast very early but my Mom wasn't terribly interested as she was busy with her life and instead of getting me my own bra - you know those moment every girl dreams of, getting her first real bra - She gave me one of hers instead. It was too small and I hated it and it was just such a let down. I'm still pissed wonderbra stop at a D cup - I deserve cleavage up to my collarbones too!!

Roxrocks said...

Your fun with Sassy is just beginning...I'll light a candle for you and her boobs.

jomamma said...

You need to email Jolea and find out what bras she orders from Australia... they are great! She looked like a new woman. This brand could take the secret out of Victoria's Secret.