Monday, December 29, 2008

David Tennant Has Great Gams

Not to mention the shelving.

I'll get back to posting my own stuff soon enough. Understand the distractions. Until then enjoy the lighter entertainment. And if you can't get through the accents of Rab C. Nesbitt, don't worry - many Scots can't either.

...Oh all right I'll blog some stuff, seeing as I'm wandering about the house talking to myself - may as well pass on the annoying rambles.

I got new sneakers. I'm rather excited about them. Far more excited than any one person should be over a pair of running shoes, but I've never claimed normality.

I went to this great shop in Edinburgh called Run 4 it and they offer a full fitting service. It was this reason alone that I wanted to go there. I know my feet have gotten bigger over the years and I wanted to know exactly what size I am, although it turned out the guy who helped me, was good enough to eyeball my foot, touch my arches and know without bringing out a doohickey what size I needed. I had to walk back and forth a lot to demonstrate if I had a neutral gait or pronated. I am neutral which was a shocker as I have weak ankles and often it feels like my feet are all over the road when I run. He checked out the wear patterns on my current shoes and was shocked when I told them they were seven months old - he said they looked much older and worn for that. 10-12 miles running plus 12 miles walking pretty much all on my toes as the heel of my shoes are like new.

As it went, I'm definitely a 7.5UK/9.5US which is two sizes up from what I was ten years ago. According to my podiatrist (Not that she's mine really, I saw her once for a heel problem and that was the one and only time,) it's normal. I'm sure I've already talked about this before so you'll just have to nod and let me get on with it. He brought out about six or seven different brands of shoe for me to try and they were mostly not quite right; left foot slid about too much, foot felt too close to the ground, they rubbed the Achilles tendon. The guy (I didn't get his name, and I feel bad about that) finally brought me out a pair of Asics, "I'm up-specing on these but let's see." He seemed nervous. They were perfect. Right fit, right everything. I even liked the colour although I never give a shit what the shoes look like. (They're purple!) then he got a couple other pairs that weren't right and I said I wanted the Asics. Then he told me they were £98. Which I was ok with - I was there to get the right pair of shoes! He seemed nervous about giving me the information. I can imagine he'll have had a few folks in who baulk and offer abuse at being told the sneaks were £100I battled a bit with my frugal side where I could've gotten two pairs of the Saucony and all I needed was to wear two pairs of socks on my left foot but no; I got the Asics. Well, Husband bought them for me. He's so special.

I've never had such expensive shoes on my feet. I have found them a bit cheaper online, but the whole thing about this shop is to get the right shoe. The service is brilliant. Most of the time I buy my runners cheap in the online sales but there were so many brands I'd never heard of do I risk trying them, untried as it were? Now I know. Mizuno too wide and not cushy enough, Brooks too wide, Nike too long and high at the back, Reeboks suck all round so never even try, Adidas are brilliant, Saucony are never a disappointment. The Guy scoffed at New Balance.

I managed to find a different kind of Asics in the sales for £20

For fuck sake, can I waffle about the most mundane shit, or what? You see why I need a blog? Otherwise I'd have to dump this tedium on some poor unsuspecting soul here and who knows how they'd survive?!

I haven't run in them yet. I'm stuck in the house. I am wearing the sneakers, and my running bottoms, but a normal top. I'm like a kid in costume.

I baked muffins.
I've lost several wordtwist matches against Doug and I'm getting cranky.

My Mother-in-law gave me a large dinner service which was surprising. I normally don't accept things she offers (She's not often the giver but the lender) but this one felt different. It's an 8 person setting of plates, bowls, side plates, fish plates, tea cups and saucers with teapot, creamer and sugar bowl and a soup terrine, two vegetable platters. I think when she heard me excited about all the cabinet space I now had, she knew just to fill it up. They're a lovely design with pink lillies - which sounds awful but really they're nice. I asked if she was sure she didn't want to give it to either of her daughters, but she was pretty convincing it was for me. Now I just hope I don't drop any of it - which is why I have cheap grocery store bought plates. Remember that new set I bought in May? Two bits gone already. I was planning on a corelle set but since these fell into my lap, I'll just have to be more careful.

My Husband got a Rubic's cube for Christmas. He spent several hours on Youtube and VideoJug watching demonstrations on algorithmic solutions and them memorizing them. He now finds smug joy in asking the kids to mess up the cube and then he sits there and solves it again. He's like that. It's fun to watch him be proud of himself. I've got my cryptic crossword books and I feel great when I manage to solve one all on my lonesome and when I share, Husband throws his hands over his ears and doesn't want to hear them. He hates puns. Some clues can be racy too, here's one I found amusing: New York politician gets house for sex-mad woman (6). The first part of the clue is NY for New York, second part is MP for politician (Member of Parliament) You can either use the HO from House or call a sex-mad woman a HO, but she is also the definition in the clue. Either way you get your answer: NYMPHO. Here's another one; Busy Worker let out in car (6) Busy worker is a BEE, the word out is a pointer to an anagram, in this case let so we get a car: BEETLE. Most of the clues I'm hopelessly lost and have to peek at the answers, but I'm learning loads. See how Husband and I are alike? Except I'm not as useful, unless you happen to also like cryptics?

Have I spouted enough rubbish yet?? It's been percolating for ages and I really need to get it out.

I'm making stew for dinner.
There's still some candy left in the house and I hate every calorie of it.

uhm...I think I'm done?


jomamma said...

That was funny... and I love those Scottish accents. I can't help but smile when I try to figure out what they are saying. Kind of like when I try to understand Ozzy Osborne.

Most guys do have great legs...

Maja said...

Yay new shoes! I would be happy too. Your hubby's smugness makes me laugh. Which makes me realise I don't know what he looks like! Strange.

I'm already a size ten in australia.. so does that mean I'm going to be a size 12 one day? I'm never going to be able to find shoes!