Monday, December 01, 2008

Cry for help...

I sent another message to the council's pest control:

I am currently being assisted by one of your pest control officers. He was out on Thursday afternoon and put seed traps in the attic. There has been constant activity up there since, I'm sure they are playing frisbee with the feed bowls. Can it be arranged for the Officer to come out ASAP as I'm convinced the attic traps have not worked. I've had to sleep on the inflatable bed in the living room for the past two nights as the noise is too disturbing. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.


The Supreme Goddess of Rodent Central.

Oh, yes I did. It really was that bad last night. They were dragging something across the floor, skipping and jumping around it, they'd scurry to the front of the house if I banged the wall and then would have a wrestle and return to whatever it was they were dragging about with added digging and gnawing. I realised last night, my attic is floored. All this time I thought it was just beams and insulation. I may have to ordere another aerobed because Husband comes home tomorrow and we'll never be comfortable on the double bed together. It;s going to be awful. He'll probably get the bed and I'll be stuck with the beasties.

It's winter, there's a dusting of snow. I'm sure after a few weeks of this I'll turn into Jack Torrance.


Overboard said...

Just put carpet down in the attic and then you won't hear them.

Overboard said...

By the way,is this a free service, the pest control?

Jomamma said...

My brother had a rodent problem in a house he lived in while in college in the small West Texas town of Alpine. They would just sit back with a few beers and when the mice or rats crawled along the baseboards of the room they'd blast them with their pistols. From the looks of things they were either horrible shots or had had too many beers.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Does chilli help??? I wonder.

What if we give them a chilli spread? Hummmmmm.

Roxrocks said...

Get some earplugs. Seriously. If they've eaten the poison, it won't be long.

force ten hurricane said...

I have a cat here that can handle them. But you would have to be okay with mice decapitations. :D

KayakNej said...

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy."

Ugh! I feel you pain. We had a couple of dogs - I mean mice, up in our attic a number of years ago. I thought I was going to go insane from all the noise.

What could their little furry paws EVER be doing to make that much noise? :-)