Monday, November 17, 2008

While I have a minute...

Just to update on things because I've been otherwise engaged in entertaining and whatnots. I'm feeling much better. It was a pussy of a cold that had it's worst and was done in three days. I just have a lingering cough every so often. Mom is still barking like a seal however but the woman will recreationally smoke when she's on vacation here; in the cold, outside. Poor Husband is in Dubai and he has the cold, but he thinks the heat is helping him get through it. He and Mom both got the exhaustion part of the cold, where I got the snot tap and cough with occasionally headache by snot dehydration. Lots of nose blowing. The kids are so far immune, the lucky wee sods. (That's wishful thinking. Sassy says this morning she has a sore throat.)

The kitchen is finally done. A job scheduled to last 3.5 days lasted two weeks with us waiting for a lightbulb and fan panel for most of it. I had to chase them up a lot, like "When are you coming to caulk the sink and hob?" "When is the tile guy coming?" "When's this lightbulb arriving?" I'm a bit worried about this lightbulb because if it took a week for them to order I, where the hell am I going to find one when the bulb eventually blows? But I've moved into the kitchen and I'm practicing Gordon Ramsay's habits of wiping down the surfaces all the time. Now must remember to sweep the floor more often. Always a hitch to my plans.

Nanowrimo is a no go, but the month isn't over and I may make up some cram time later this week.

I miss the gym. I miss my walks and I miss fresh air being in my lungs for more hours of the day than house air.

I have overdue library books. Well, had. I renewed them and paid my £1.58 fines. I then found a book Shorty took out from the library seven weeks ago. That's not good. At least they don't fine overdue books on the kids' cards. (Update: Shorty has two other books out still and I have no clue where they are in the house. We'll have to have a dig under her bed I think. Scary place.)

I play wordtwist a lot on Facebook, mostly against Roxy and Dr. Doug. Seems everytime I'm against Doug Mom knows and starts suggesting words behind my back. She can't see that I already have the word, or that she's adding letters not in the list. I have guilt about cheating, but I haven't beaten him for several rounds so I'll say she's not adding to my player's edge.

Woke up this morning feeling oddly attracted to Nick Hornby. I don't know why. I'm thinking, I like the few stories of his I've read, wonder what else he has for me.

I bought Lost In Austen because I enjoyed the mini series when it aired a couple months ago. I'm bummed though because I have to return it because it's missing one of my favourite scenes where Miss Price is on the spot to perform on the piano and she can't play a note, but she can sing. She sings Downtown by Lulu. The scene is totally AWOL on the disc. I mean, sure the show had a few atrocious challenges to my suspension of disbelief - like when Darcy finds Amanda's torn up paperback of P&P in his ornamental pond and he's reading it - not once did he comment on the amazing wait, sorry - painting on the cover, the fact it's a paperback or look at the publishing information where it would've said it was originally published in 1813 republished in the 1990s at least, seeing as it was a Penguin Classic. But no. That was not the best written scene, unfortunately. The rest of it was highly amusing. Except, Lizzie understands being a character in a book and accepts it, but Darcy never mentions a curiosity which seems out of character for him even after his visiting modern day London. But all that waffle aside, I'm annoyed there's a scene missing and from the reviews I'm the only one which is encouraging.

I'm sure there's more I could blabber on about but I have deskwork to attend to. Joy!


Jomamma said...

I'm so glad you're back... I was wondering about the kitchen and the cold. I have finally found a box that is just the right size. I'll let you know the day it's out of the house and on it's way....

Roxrocks said...

Picture of the kitchen, s'il vous plait!

So your mom helps you beat me at WordTwist? LOLOLOL Like you need help, I'm retarded!