Friday, November 28, 2008

What's that phrase again...

You know, the one about the World. It's the one that sums it all up when things aren't going well. Oh yes: To Hell in a Handbasket. The World Is Going To Hell In A HandBasket. With pretty red bows and bells and everything.

Why I browse the newspaper headlines I'll never know. It just makes me so angry.

Horrified over what's happened an is continuing in Mumbai. Horrified about the Shannon case here in the UK. There's at least six stories about child abuse and infanticide. Is it any wonder I'm a boderline agoraphobic? Is it any wonder the world is edging closer to Islamophobia? What is wrong with people. They love thier God so much they kill for him, even though that God says "Don't Kill." Ridiculous. Insane.

And I only wanted to get the cryptic crossword for the weekend. Now I feel like filling the garage with canned goods and water and never come out until people smarten the fuck up. Buch of sad bastards.


Jomamma said...

Infanticide? Good grief! I agree, we are going to Hell in as hand basket. And we're on a runaway train too. If everyone would just take responsibility for their actions we'd probably be OK.

My kids have vowed not to bring babies into the world because it's F'd up. Now that's being responsible.

Chick said...

It's scary...I know...maybe you need to balance your bad news with really have to search for it...but it's out there.

Maja said...

There's a website you can get a cryptic crossword every day... what's it called again..
oh yes

I think the world has always been fucked up, it's just that we get to know about it all from our global spread of information. But amongst the bad there is plenty of good.