Monday, November 03, 2008

This crap pisses me off...

I read on Snopes today about how the American Family Association posted on their Action Alert pages on how Home Depot aren't representing Christmas enough to their satisfaction. In fact here's what they said:

Home Depot: Hanukkah, yes! Holidays, yes! Christmas, no!

Home Depot bans Christmas from its Website.

October 27, 2008

Home Depot has it's new holiday Website up and running. You can find many gifts for the holidays. You can even find gifts for Hanukkah. But Christmas? Home Depot's Website hasn't a single reference to Christmas. Not one. At Home Depot, Christmas doesn't exist!

Home Depot has elected to go with the politically correct crowd and censor Christmas, replacing it with holidays.

Please Note: Home Depot may block your message. If so, you can e-mail, write, or call Chairman Frank Blake with the information below.

* E-Mail: frank_blake@homedepot.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
* Write 2455 Paces Ferry Rd., Atlanta, GA, 30339.
* Call 1-800-466-3337, option 3 or 1-800-430-3376.

Talk about hysteria. What a knob end. Are they trying to say "Home Depot are a bunch of Jew Lovers and hate Christians!" because that's how it sounds to me - "Look, they like the Jews better, don't give them your business. Christians rule!"

It's such bullshit. Such utter bullshit and it drives me mental. The banners on the AFA website saying "Speechless! Silencing the Christians!" Since when are they silent? They never shut up. What a bunch of pissing, moaning, bitchy, argumentative, whinging, pout-faced, righteous blowhards. Pious cunts*. I'm sick of them all. Sick of religion, full stop. But going so far as to raise a campaign against a retail company for not mentioning Christmas enough on their website is just petty and lame. You'd think they would have better things to do, like...oh I dunno - FACT CHECK maybe?! Because as it turned out, Home Depot had plenty of Christmas promotion going on, but the dickhead who raised the alert (Donnie Wildmon, founder/chairman/hate monger) apparently didn't know how to search the website. See what shunning science and modern electronics does to you? I bet even Jesus could fill in a search window with "Christmas".

What's even worse is Home Depot felt they had to respond to this insanity and apologize to this group of sandbox bullies. I'd have a lot more respect for them if they'd said something along the lines of "Our marketing campaign for Christmas will begin closer to the end of the month in order to allow families to get through Thanksgiving before launching into the Christmas season. Your opinions have been noted, TYVM." You stupid norks. And the smug, bold-faced way they start their retraction with thanking everyone for helping and highlight how Home Depot are going to have more marketing for Christmas - like they won some battle, when really they were dead wrong. Of course Home Depot will have more Christmas marketing Closer To Christmas. How would they know Home Depot didn't launch Christmas marketing at a later date than Oct. 27th? Many shops do a slow introduction to Christmas in October and increase in the weeks as the time gets closer. As Hanukkah comes before Christmas, doesn't it make sense that marketing for that holiday would come earlier? Hmmm? Shit-for-brains? Dontcha think maybe? Possibly?

This just shows me that the Christian Right are getting way too big for their britches and yet doing so by playing the martyr card. As fucking if. Seriously. What really annoys me is that every time I read about something like this, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with my brother that made me sad, because he's there asking me to move back to America and I have to say to him: I can't. The religious mania just freaks me the fuck out. He tells me, it's not that bad, that I'm only getting what my media wants me to see and hear. I must get all the negative reports because Europe doesn't like America. And then this kind of thing comes to a head (because it really is as attractive, painful and welcome as a festering boil) and I'm reminded of that conversation and it breaks my heart to say; See. I'm not being manipulated by the press. This shit is real. I know you love me, but I love my kids and I can't raise them in a place that is so intolerant, prejudiced and ugly. I won't be a part of that.

*Sorry Mom if you're reading this. You did raise me better.


gusgreeper said...

this shit pisses me off too. religion is too crazy for me.

Overboard said...

You write so well. Especially in the rants.
Ha ha ha ha.
Loved the bit about even Jesus being able to fill in the search box.
Ha aha ha aha haqhjasfasfkjasjfk.

Lyvvie said...

It's so dumb. they weren't angry because products for Christmas weren't available, but that they were lumped in with other holidays. They want to have everyone say it loud and proud that the baubles they've bought are for a Christmas tree and not for...uhm...who else has a tree?? I mean come on.

NWJR said...

This post is why I'm not a fan of the "big brush" approach. It's really not that bad over here (we're not all intolerant, prejudiced and ugly), and we're really not all like that (I certainly don't consider myself a "pious cunt" just because I'm a Christian, but hey...I could be wrong).

Things like this get reported and played up because it's good for ratings, and because...well, because it's "news", which by definition, is that which is different or out of the ordinary.

I'm sick of the holiday being co-opted by corporate interests and greed, so personally, I don't much care, but then again, I don't know why a non-Christian would celebrate Christmas. I don't go around putting up symbols of other religions on their holidays.

It's all a tempest in a teapot, regardless.

Ree said...

That does it. I obviously need to raise a much bigger stink that Home Depot doesn't advertise Eid. AT ALL. Ever.


Lyvvie said...

I'm not saying you are, Rich. I'm not saying every christian is either. It's this extremist side, the ones who think "Happy holidays" is anti-Christ. The God Botherers. The ones who are intolerant and spread fear, intolerance and hate of other religions.

Now this wasn't some report in a newspaper or tabloid. This was Snopes. The fact finding, bullshit testing, truth focused via proof and research site. This call out was on the AFA's own website. You can't deny they exist, are national and made a call to its members to phone their local Home Depot and ask "Is Christmas being banned in your store?"

I don't want to be where I'm asked "Which church do you go to?"

Ree: I'd love for you to do that! Seeing as you're nanoblomo-ing, you can try it for fodder if topics run dry.

Roxrocks said...

If people want to bitch about Home Depot, they should bitch about their shitty service rather than their lack of Christian Representation. Their service sucks dog shit!

I ought to know, I've spent half my adult life in a goddamn hardware store.


Jomamma said...

I love when you rant too! As it's said in one of my favorite Pat Green songs..."if Jesus was here I'd be drinking beer and hanging out saving all my friends" It's a great song all about churchy people judging others. Jody and Jolea have taken to running the LDS and Jehova Witnesses out of the yard by replying to their questions of "are you a Christian?" with 'what the fuck is it to you!' It's so fun for them to stay home from work....

Markitos said...

We are turning into such a pack of sniffeling pussy's. Whine whine whine mine mine mine Shut up !! It's freaking Home Depot they never did have Santa show up anyway.

Maja said...

Wow that is so pathetic. I hate it when overly religious people get all smug about some petty victory. Just goes to show they're not as christian as they think they are.

Dingo said...

Maybe someone should point out that the Christians should be upset that Thanksgiving has been so easily overlooked. Shouldn't they be protesting that the day for thanking god has been shortshrifted?

sideshow bob said...

And Home Depot has absolutely no Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday merchandise.


At all!

tornwordo said...

I like it when you're feisty. And the c word has much less shock value there than here. I hope your mom knows that.

Beth said...


Jolea said...

from me, in america, I have not heard one thing about this home depo crap. So, im going with the idea that european news digs this shit up to make everyone hate america even more than they do already. good post though.

Overboard said...

Yeah! Fuck America.
Just kidding.
I like fucking in America. Done it in a few states now. Sometimes drunk. Sometimes stoned. Sometimes a bit of both. Sometimes even sober.