Sunday, November 02, 2008


So far I've typed 2700ish words, which isn't bad. I'm stumble-tripping my way through the story and finding it very awkward - as I always do. I'm using my laptop which is minute and I have to pump up the text 150% to read it or I'll get a headache. Speaking of which where have I put my glasses?

I can't get logged into the nanowrimo website which means it's being inundated by writers far more dedicated and productive then me, or they may all be anxiety cases, like myself. I still find typing out a story less involving than long hand. if I make a spelling error longhand I don't care so much but typed with the red line of aggression under it and I must must must fix it right there and can't just leave it for editing days. I try, I really do but it's unbearable to leave it.

So my story is about four freinds, all fifteen and how they deal with thier boycrazy pal whose new relationship threatens to break the foursome that they all love so much.

Currently taking a break to watch the pre-show before the last rsce of the F1 season starts in half an hour. Shorty just said to me "I hope Wewis Hamilton wins." and I'm surprised she knows his name and that he's a driver, I never knew she paid any attention on race day. Quite a sharp wee kid, really. I hope he wins to.

Going to watch the race now. Thanks David Coultard for so many years of great driving and I hope you find peace and excitement in your retirement, you lucky bastard.


sideshow bob said...

You can turn off that red line if you want to.

Just go to Tools>Language>Set Language..., and then check the box that says "Do not check spelling or grammar".

Assuming you are working in MS Word 2003.

That's what I do, then I just go and uncheck it when I'm ready to edit. I also turn the background color from white to black, and the text color to light blue, or maybe a nice kiwi green...depends on what mood I'm going for.

Good luck! I called in sick for my first NaNoWriMo day...

Overboard said...

That is s funny what Shorty said. She's show shweet.
He he he. I love pretending to be an F1 car in class when I am giving a clue for the answer 'F1'.
I have to do about 3 laps of 'rawolllllllllllllll rawollllllllllllll' before they get it, but it's fun all the same.
I once sat next to a bunch of F1 engineers on the plane from Malaysia to Japan. F1 season. They thought I was an F1 hack but I said, 'Na, I teach English in Japan.'

Roxrocks said...

If you need any help with 15 year old drama stuff, let me know. I'm practically an expert!

Ree said...

"the red line of agression". hee.

Chick said...

That line really is aggressive, now isn't it? I can't leave it alone either.

Good luck with the writing.

Lyvvie said...

I might just do that, SideshowBob as it really kills the mental flow. Thanks!

The race was awesome. Hamilton won the championship with seconds to spare. Poor Phillipe Massa was in tears as they'd told him "You've won the Championship you di...oh. Nevermind, tough luck, mate." Cruel. How popular is F1 in Japan? Is it as popular as the UK? I'd guess yes, as they have Toyota and Honda, plus Nakajima as a driver (not that he's had a good year) and they host one of the races.

Roxy, I'll take you up on that!

Thanks Ree and Chick for understanding. It's that kind of OCD I need to kick.

Kahlee said...

Lyvvie! You're Nano-ing it too! Awesome!