Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let me set the record straight...

because nothing is more annoying than a skipping record.

I'd like to respond to the few comments and, more annoying, e-mails I've received in response to my post the other day, This crap pisses me off. A few folks have said that my reaction was too harsh and may be influenced by slanted European media and European opinion of America in general. Let me inform you that is not the case. It was never the case and particularly not so in regards to this report about a Christian group rallying its members to force Home Depot to have more Christian centric advertising where the word "Christmas" used more in their marketing.

Here are the facts:

  1. I read the report on Snopes.
  2. Snopes is owned and run by Barbara and David Mikkleson. The Mikkelsons live in California and are American. Snopes is run in America.
  3. Home Depot is an American company.
  4. The AFA are an American organization.
  5. Just to be sure everyone knows this: I am an American. I lived in America until I was 23.
There was no European media involved, no anti-American spin attached to the report. The only European element to this equation is my address.

That my address is now in Scotland does not mean in any way that I am unable to form an opinion on the goings on in America. I do not live in Somalia and have never lived there, but that does not exclude me from outrage that a 13 year old was raped by three men and when she reported this to the police (or more precise, the militia as there's no formal police) she was arrested, buried up to her neck and stoned to death for adultery. No one should be excluded from feeling outraged at how religion - any religion - is used to control the populace with fear, intimidation and intolerance.*

So I'll not be told to keep my opinions to myself because I don't live in America and I don't know how it really is there. My opinions are just as valid as any of your opinions are. They may be diametric opposites, but still valid. Anyone who tries to tell me different is showing themselves to be unwilling to see multiple sides to the same issue and educate themselves in order to create an informed opinion. In doing so, you merely perpetuate the problem.

My blog. My opinion. You don't like it, that's fine, but don't tell me to shut up.

*If you are outraged, please donate to Amnesty International.


Jomamma said...

Go girl... it's your blog and you are free to rant about what ever you want. This is Freedom of Speech at it's best... you gave all opportunities for them to further research your opinion... they chose to remain uninformed idiots.

In the past 6 mos I have found that people living outside the US tend to know more about what is going on inside the US than some of the current residents. We're too busy watching SNL for our news.

Overboard said...

You talking about me, Judith?
Tee hee.
p.s Go Lyvvie, Go!

Jomamma said...

Yeah Maria, you and all the others that I've come in contact with who are smart enough not to live in this screwed up country.

NWJR said...

Hope you don't think I was one of the ones telling you to shut up. OTOH, I did call you out for painting us all with a big brush when you said, "I'm sick of them all. Sick of religion, full stop." (emphasis mine). I felt you were wrong, told you so, and you clarified. No worries.

And I still think you're wrong to call America a place that is "ignorant, prejudiced and ugly". But you're entitled to your opinion, as misguided (and, yes, influenced by where you live and how that colours what you see in the media) as I find it to be.

But to tell you to shut up, stop blogging, or silence your voice? Hell no! The blogosphere wouldn't be nearly as interesting without you.

Jomamma said...

I think some of us over here are ignorant (more than I'd like to admit)... we have grown up with our parent's point of view that it will all be OK... Andy Griffith will come back and save us... Thank God, for the youth of America and their huge balls to stand up and say "wait a minute... that doesn't make sense..." We need people to challenge our leaders, or we all follow politicians and clerics around like we have a ring in our nose.

NWJR said...

"Andy Griffith will come back and save us" a way, he did:

Andy Griffith endorsed Obama.


Dingo said...

I'm riding on the high of the Obama win right now and I think if anything, this election has shown us that if we want to improve things in this country, we have to recognize the negative things that hold us back from being truly great. Whether a person is an American living abroad or someone not native to our shores, to avoid critique because we just don't want to hear it is what keeps things the way they are instead of moving forward.

This is your blog. Say what you want, when you want, how you want. People who don't agree don't have to read your blog.

Roxrocks said...

Again, I have to say Home Depot has shitty service. Seriously. Those "Christians" were probably just victims of it because this is what happens at Home Depot...
You walk in, you're looking for say, Christmas decorations. You see a HD employee with their orange apron and you say "I'm looking for Christmas decorations" and they say "Oh, that's not my department but I'll go get the person" so then they leave you and you are left to look for it (and another employee)by yourself. Then you find someone else and they say the same thing, so you go to Customer Service and they say "Do we even HAVE Christmas decorations?" to which you reply, "I'M GOING TO ANOTHER HARDWARE STORE! I FUCKING HATE HOME DEPOT!" and you stomp off, angry that you've wasted an hour of your life in a store who doesn't care enough to train it's employees.

Seriously, that's probably what happened. Home Depot sucks and that should be the main issue.

Oh, and um, don't ever silence yourself. Our voice is all we have sometimes!

sideshow bob said...

For what it's worth, I thought you were pretty much spot on.

Here in Midwest America, I have actually seen people offended by the fact that someone has wished them "Happy Holidays" rather than a "Merry Christmas".

Sylvana said...

I am an American and have always lived in America. I KNOW these people that you are ranting about!! I work with one. Last year a customer cheerfully wished her a happy holiday, to which she replied, "No! Not happy holiday! Merry CHRISTMAS! We celebrate CHRISTMAS here!"
Holy fuck woman!

I am really hoping that this election is showing a new day as far as all this wingnut pseudo-religious bitchery is concerned. And I say "pseudo-religious", because personally, I don't think that all of this stems so much from real religious differences as it stems from people who want power, who maybe feel that certain people are threatening their claim to that power, and they need to suppress that threat in a way that would be very difficult for people to fight -religious beliefs.

Scarlet said...

I keep it simple ..... I wish EVERYONE a Merry ChrismaHanaKwanZica!

Don't EVER silence your sweet voice Lyvvie!
Now .... God bless Allah ... ;)