Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get over yourself!

From the Telegraph:

Truman Show Syndrome delusion: Sufferers convinced they are on reality TV.

I know someone who'd annoy a few psychiatrists with this psychosis. In fact, if she actually ever read a newspaper, Edinburgh would be in trouble as I have no doubt she'd be wandering Princes street shouting "You are all pawns in my TV life!"

I may have to get that on a T-shirt.

I saw Secretary for the first time last night and I loved it. It's been playing through my mind all day. What a neat movie and what amazing, complex characters. I'm seriously annoyed I watched it alone because I think I needed someone to talk about it with after the fact. James Spader was amazing. It was nice to see him looking so fit, as this movie was made before he started the Shatner Diet. (I've used that joke twice today because I think it's funny.) I think the movie was more about Mr. Grey than it was about Miss Holloway, although we seemed more invested in her story. He was by far the more complex of the two. A sadist who can't kill a mouse and hides from confrontation and is completely sickened by himself. Fascinating. I have a new appreciation for Maggie Gyllenhaal, having only seen her previously in Batman Returns. (Yes, I know I need to get out more, care to babysit for me?) as she was really good and I wonder how much of Miss Holloway was edited out of this movie. She didn't seem as developed to me. Acting was wonderful.

There was a mouse in the attic again last night. Scratching away and I couldn't sleep through it. In fact I had very little sleep last night and feel a bit flat because of it. I had a weird moment where I thought my shoulder was being pulled away from me, and I even thought the ball and socket were coming apart and the tendons were about to snap. I woke up with my arm completely numb. Then I heard the mouse, and couldn't drop off as I was auditorily (I'm making it a word) attached to the wee fucker, stalking it with my mind across the rafters. Finally, I had a visit from Ghost Cat. This time I wasn't as excited about the visit as it jumped nearly into my hip and then hopped over me to claim the empty space next to me. This one was noisy too; purring. I could feel the bed vibrate from the purring. It annoyed me so much I sat up and shook the half-sleep hallucination from my head and broke the spell. Purring was actually the very loud refrigerator that had kicked on in the night. I forgot to shut the kitchen door which I normally do because the fridge wakes me up. So, Ghost cat was dismissed. Shame I couldn't do the same for the fucking mouse. I now feel guilty for chasing Ghost Cat away. Get Over Yourself!

Pest control comes tomorrow for round two. I'll ask him to drop down the bags of clothes in the attic. I'm sure the wee fuckers have gnawed through a bunch of clothes I've set aside for Shorty to grow into. If they wake me tonight I'm going to turn into Mr. Roper start banging on the ceiling with a broom handle and break up the orgy.

Husband has to stay on in (Bahrain? Borscht?Baryshnikov?Dover?Dublin?) Dubai! (my fucking head gets stuck like that sometimes. I should type it out more, you can feel the frustration I go through when I know the answer, have said it a million times over but my brain decides to hijack the word from me. This is why I will, without a doubt, forget your name the minute I'm about to meet you or introduce you. This must have name, this brain hijack embarrassment thing.) until Tuesday next week. He was supposed to be home Friday. He's rather pissed. I feel his pain. He's not the work away from home kind of guy. 23 days away is getting him down. Then he still has the backlog on his desk here to sort through. I feel for him I really do. The sooner we can emigrate the better. Because I'm tired, sore (still grinding my teeth) and a bit lonely (The kids' conversations can only get me so far.) I'm feeling blue today. Still, it can't compare to what he must be feeling. Thing is, he's now worried they'll ask him to stay on another week. Here's hoping they don't kidnap him and chain him to the desk.

I finally... (ten minutes later)...I have no clue what I was going to type. Hurricane Sassy came home and sent her histrionic energy surging through the house. It's homework night, have mercy on us all.


Overboard said...

That was a nice therapewtic[sp] post, Lyvvie.

Brook said...

Secretary? We watched that movie last year and I too really enjoyed it. My husband wanted more porn. I loved how all his former secretaries were in love with Spader and envious with of Gylenhall. Really demonstrates- in a rather extreme way- the power in yielding. I mean really, who appeared more powerful in the end? Who knew what she wanted and how to get it? So, yes, this is a great thought provoking film- if your are not a knee jerk feminist or sexual conservative. Oh, I like to call those moments "brain farts" and only hope that through random association I can get back to the original thought. Hope your hubby gets back soon.

Jolea said...

HAha! I CANT BELIEVE IT! A friend suggested that movie to me about 5 years ago and I love it. It's so fun to round up a few who haven't seen it and play "lets see who gets uncomfortable first"... Hilarious.

I agree, great acting and James Spader is hot.

Roxrocks said...

Totally going to look for that movie.

I have continual brain farts lately. It sucks.

Lyvvie said...

Therapeutic? Isn't that what blogs are for? Showing off therapy for one?

Brook - Yes Miss Holloway had the power, the submissive always does. I liked when he was firing her she was so stunned she used the "safe word" to try and end the scenario. I kept getting the feeling that he was the real submissive, especially when the blonde came back and was so intense. She just looked at Lee and sneered "Submissive." before shouting down the place and then Grey hides in the closet. Not the behaviour I'd expect from a Dom.

And thinking back to the previous secretary who was walking out with her severance in her mouth and the office in a complete shambles - she was really trying to wind Grey up and get his attention wasn't she! Yet she wasn't...well I wouldn't have been attracted to her but I guess attraction isn't always the point in these relationships.

Jolea - Uncomfortable? Nah. I was more uncomfortable with her cutting than with the sexual part of the movie. Although the full nudity at the end was a bit...dull. All that frantic exercise by Spader and we didn't get to see so much a six pack.

I'm not enamored with "Brain Farts" as a term. It sounds too messy and negative. I'll endeavor to create a far more sympathetic term. Perhaps Synaptic Amnesia? That sounds real.

KayakNej said...

It would seem you really (REALLY) miss having a cat around. :-)

My old house had a shadow of a cat, that you'd see running by. Seems normal, until I tell you it was running across the ceiling. Friends saw it, hubby saw lasted for years. A very dark, solid, black shadow of a cat.

I'd call myself nuts, if I hadn't seen it myself. :-)

I'll have to check out the movie, sounds interesting!!!