Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chick said find the funny...

Well actually she suggested I find the Good. But funny is good!




And if that didn't make sense then watch this

Did you get those in the States? I don't like creme eggs so I don't eat them, but I know I'm in the minority.

I feel better now, even though I was woken up three times in the night by an elephant in the attic. It was moving furniture. Excavating ceiling space for it's acorn sculpture collection. (I'm making light of it, because if I ponder the possibility that it was a rat I'll freak the fuck out) I think it finally "fell sleep" (that's my version of death throws now) at 5:45 by which time, it was impossible for me to get back to sleep. What an annoying beastie. The attic has small feeding dishes of poisoned seeds, and I'm guessing this greedy glut ate the lot and then proceeded to drag the food bowl around the floor. Strong little, tiny field mouse. Or maybe it was a pair of them. It's always nice to have a friend help move furniture.

I'm taking the kids to the school's Christmas Faire today. EARLY MUCH?!?! For fuck sake; Really. I'll have to very stern on the no buying tons of shit and rubbish as the school's faire tends to be more like a flea market with home baking and skittles - that's the bowling type game, not the candy.

Can't get Somalia song oot m'heid. (Why didn't "Oot m'heid" become redlined? You tease me autospellchecker! You tease and taunt and I find it not amusing. HEY! You left in autospellchecker too! You cannot be trusted.)


Jomamma said...

Those will be the new learning tools to replace Conjunction Junction. Love it! Geography is a good thing, that way we know what country we'll be invading next.

I don't like cream eggs either... that reminded me of a choir teacher I had in Jr. High school who made us sing with jawbreakers in our mouths... never knew why, I think she wanted some of us to choke to death.

Jomamma said...

BTW it's not 2:08PM here... it's 8:08AM screwed up computer